China top 10 military spending rankings in 2018

Recently, the US media listed the TOP list of 2018 global military budgets. In this list, the military budgets of the top 10 countries in the world are listed in detail, compared with the growth rate last year and the proportion of GDP. So let s find out together, which country has the most military expenditures, which country has the poorest soldiers, and which country has the fastest military expenditure growth.

According to the ranking, in 2018, the United States won the top spot without a doubt. The total annual military expenditure was as high as US $ 622 billion. The combined military expenditure of the remaining nine countries was not as good as that of the United States. It can be seen that the US military s 11 active nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, F-22 stealth fighters, B-2 stealth bombers, Alibaba-class destroyers, Ohio-class nuclear submarines and other advanced weapons and equipment were all smashed out of money, and this is also the United States ability to long-term The fundamental reason for being the world s No. 1 military power. However, compared with last year, the growth rate of the US military expenditure was only 1%, and compared with the 8% growth rate of India, it is really a whack. On the other hand, it shows that although the strength of the US military is still the world s first, it has shown signs of decline . India s military expenditure ranks fourth at US $ 50 .6 billion, with the highest growth rate. This shows that the elephant has a tiger hidden deep inside.

China s military expenditure ranks second, about one-third of the United States, less than 200 billion US dollars, with a growth rate of 6.2% behind India. In recent years, China s navy and air force have developed rapidly, warships frequently dumped dumplings, and F-20 fighters have successively installed troops. It takes its own strength to strike the iron. If China wants to maintain world peace and curb the spread of hegemonism, it must work hard to develop the military and become a firm force to maintain world peace. In addition, China s military expenditure accounts for 1.5% of total GDP, but the United States has reached 4%, and Russia s 3.5%, so China s current military development is completely reasonable and stable .

The third place is the United Kingdom, with military expenditure of 53.8 billion US dollars. After all, it was once a powerful Sunburst empire. Although the sun is thin and the mountains are waning, but the old man has changed his mind to nothing? The fourth place everyone knows is our neighbor India s $ 50.6 billion. Fifth place is Saudi Arabia, a local tyrant, who often buys weapons from the United States. It is estimated that US arms dealers have made more than half of it. Next is Russia, a heavyweight country, ranked sixth with 48.4 billion US dollars. In recent years, Russia has been subject to economic sanctions from Western countries, leading to the continuous deterioration of the domestic economic situation, and the international crude oil price has remained at a low level for a long time. Russia Fiscal revenue has fallen sharply, causing Russia s military spending to fall for three consecutive years, from third in the world to sixth. However, due to Putin s leadership, Rus sia s international status has not declined.

The eighth, ninety, and ninety are France, Japan, Germany, and South Korea, with military expenditures of $ 443,417,358,33.5 billion, and Germany and Japan were the culprits of World War II. Military expenditures should be monitored by countries around the world . In particular, Japan, in recent years, the right-wing forces have gradually risen, which is not conducive to the stability of the surrounding situation. The military budget will exceed that of France, and a dangerous signal is issued.

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