Confiscated personal property including house

The confiscation of personal property needs to be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the law, but many people are not sure whether the confiscation of the house is also required during the confiscation? This must be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in order to know the provisions in this regard. Everyone can take a look at the following content introduction. The editor of compiled the following content to answer your questions, I hope to help you.

Forfeiture of property is a method of punishment for forcibly repossessing part or all of the personal property of a criminal. Forfeiture of property is also a property penalty, but it is different from fines and is a punishment method applicable to criminals with serious crimes.

Therefore, if the house belongs to the criminal s legal property, it will be confiscated when the entire property is confiscated. If the house is the common property of the husband and wife, then all the criminal s part will be confiscated after the sale and auction, not the spouse. And it is necessary to retain the necessary living expenses for individual criminals and their dependents.

In addition, the applicable objects of confiscation of property are mainly crimes against national security and some economic crimes. The Criminal Law Section provides for the conviction and sentencing of various crimes. In that case, the property will be confiscated.

The confiscation of property is the confiscation of part or all of the personal property of a criminal. Where all property is confiscated, the necessary living expenses shall be reserved for the individual criminals and their dependents.

For the confiscation of personal property, the house is also included, so it needs to be confiscated. However, in practice, if the house is not personally owned, it will be confiscated after the auction if the property belongs to the property of the husband and wife.

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