Donation of Physical Information of the 7th World Military Games to the Military Museum

China Net, November 20th-The 7th World Military Games Executive Committee donated physical material related to the military museum to the military museum this morning. The cultural heritage related to the current military game will officially enter the permanent collection of the military museum.

The 7th World Military Games, which attracted worldwide attention, was a complete success. All the officers and men of our delegation fought against Jiangcheng and won the first place. They received the general praise of President Xi and won unanimous praise from the people across the country. It is understood that the donated items involved more than 30 pieces (sets) of historical materials, including medals and trophies, etiquette clothing, torches, mascots, video pictures, and physical objects used and managed by various competition venues and military villages. value. The leaders of the Executive Committee Office of the Military Games stated that after extensive social collections and expert demonstrations in the early stage, most of the donated items were integrated with Chinese cultural elements and Jingchu regional characteristics, which comprehensively demonstrated the cultural achievements of the current Military Games and vividly interpreted them. The value concept of sports -to-friendship highlights the game theme of creating military glory and building world peace . It is the true record and historical memory of the event, and it is the enrichment and development of the world s military sports culture.

According to the leaders of the Military Museum, cultural relics are an important pillar of the museum. As the only large-scale comprehensive military history museum in China, as the historical and cultural hall and hall of honor of our army, military collections have never stopped collecting cultural relics and expanding collections. Collecting and collecting the items of the military games, so that the spirit of the military games continues to shine and perpetuate, is the glorious task and mission of the military expo. The military expo will fully discover the stories behind these physical objects and materials, inherit and continue the sports spirit, military glory and peace concepts advocated by the good military games, let cultural relics talk, tell good military games stories, and better serve officers and men.

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