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On No. 18, Jinnan Road, Zhang Wanfen, Dashanzi, Xiangyang District, Beijing, an 8-acre museum is located in an open garden. Approaching the museum’s gate, the first thing that caught my eye was a house-like “cat villa” and an excerpt from the text of “The Virtuous Classics”, “All things work together, and I look at it indecently”. This is exactly the first private museum in New China. On July 25, Mr. Ma Weidu, the curator of the Indecent Guanfu Museum, accepted an exclusive interview with a reporter from the World Wide Web.
Ma Weidu, the curator of the Indecent Guanfu Museum, accepted an interview with the World Wide Web. Photo: He Yuanyuan
From Preservation to Exhibition to Museum: Let the Times Share Cultural Relics
“We have been in existence for 22 years. We are the only one who pays corporate income tax in 5,000 museums. We do not rely on corporate retention. We rely on our own capabilities.” When talking about the successful management of indecent and complex museums, Mr. Ma Weidu will not hide Pride in itself.
In the 1970s, Ma Weidu began to collect utensils. In the early 1990s, his collection has begun to cover: ceramics, jade, antique furniture and other collections of more than a thousand pieces. Initially, Ma Weidu exhibited his own collections. Soon, indecent audiences became interested in the exhibition, and the number of indecent people grew. This inspired Ma Weidu: Is the exhibition firmly established, isn’t it a museum?
In 1996, Ma Weidu’s museum was formally established. He named the museum “Indecent Views” from Chapter 16: “Everything Works Together, I Will Indecent Views”, I read repeatedly, like And the identity of research is naturally included in this, and this confirms Ma Weidu’s original intention to do the preservation.
Ticket income, service income, and brand export are the three main sources of funds for the Indecent Museum of Fine Arts. In 2005, the Indecent Guanfu Museum began to implement the board of directors system, which provided fresh blood for the museum’s operation. In 2016, the Indecent Guanfu Museum stood out among the vast and numerous museums and was awarded the National Museum Cultural Product Demonstration Unit by the China Museum Industry Association. Its number of tourists and sales of cultural and creative products were recognized by the public.
Museum’s New Format: Public Living Space Tends to Be Practical
As soon as he entered the Museum of Indecent Guanfu, the traditional zigzag exhibition form put the ceramics hall, furniture hall, crafts hall, oil painting hall, and doors and windows hall into the upper and lower floors, and he couldn’t see through.
“Modern museums should not only be a space for exhibitions, but also a space for consumer culture. There are educational areas, interactive areas, and personal areas.” Turning the museum into a space that integrates culture and subsistence is Ma Weidu’s strange museum idea. During the interview, Ma Weidu revealed that he is operating the new Beijing Museum of Indecent Guanfu Museum, which is estimated to be completed in 2021.
At the level of the new hall, Ma Wei has the idea that if tourists can visit the museum elegantly for a whole day, then at noon, visitors can choose to enjoy lunch in the hall. An unsightly rest area will be set up in the museum for visitors to rest, and visitors can choose to do things like massage according to their own environment. In other relaxation spaces in the museum, visitors can see the exhibits or unsightly views.
“I wish to start transforming the museum’s format from the indecent view of the museum. If a private person visits the museum 5 to 10 times a year, then I must change the format of the museum. In the future, the museum can be a frequent place. But I hope that in the future, you, as the host, entertain others to see the museum, which is far more advanced and civilized than any other form. “Ma Weidu vocally expressed his vision of changing the museum’s format many times:” Sometimes, a person Private people like cafes. I do n’t know the geometry of my life, but it ’s as if I ’m in my museum in front of my house. I have to change this traditional way of thinking. I hope that the museum ’s format will become more and more business. It will allow every individual to relax and learn more common sense here. ”
From stray cats to “net red cats”: museum’s cultural and creative IP indecent view of complex cats
The indecent Guanfu Museum not only attracts thousands of collections here, but also a group of “indecent and complex cats” with different personalities. It’s hard to imagine the combination of cats and museums, but in the indecent museum complex, the two complement each other.
“Indecent View Compound Cat” was originally a stray cat kept by Mr. Ma Weidu in the Indecent View Compound Museum, and now there are more than thirty. Every cat has its own name: fat, yellow guns, blue hairs, sliver strips, clouds, black bags, golden fat, Ma Dudu Every weekend, many tourists come to see the exhibition. Ma Weidu believes that this method can allow parents and children to have fun in the museum while teasing the innocent compound cat to relax.
“Teach a common sense of traditional Chinese culture through a cat.” Ma Weidu hopes to reach the same bridge with younger indecent audiences through pet cats: in the indecent view of the Museum of Indecent Views, use the cartoon to look at indecent views of cats. For the brand fan of creative brands, chair cushions, mugs, glass wines are extremely successful. In addition to inferior cultural and creative products derived from indecent and complex cats, the indecent and complex museum also tells cultural relics and Chinese cultural stories through indecent and complex cats: “Indecent and Complex Cats Tell Cultural Relics” and “Indecent and Elegant Complex Cats Primary School Museum”, Books such as “Indecent Views of Complex Cats” were born under the model of “Indecent Views of Complex Cats + Culture”.

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