Five incredible cultural phenomena in China

First, the staple food of the Northeast is rice. Northeast China is located north of Shanhaiguan. It can be said that it is farther north than northern China in the traditional sense. The traditional Chinese food culture is north of the north. However, the habits of the northeast people are incredible, and the staple food of the north is white noodles. The thing is, the staple food of the Northeast is rice like the southerners, and the Northeast rice is famous all over the country and is known as the Northeast fragrant rice.

Second, the dance of the Tatar people in Xinjiang is actually similar to the dance of the Mongolians. The Tatar people in Xinjiang are almost the same as the Mongolians. They dance around the campfire, but they are very gentle compared to the Mongolians. And there is one thing in common, that is, the Tatar people have a wrestling-style festival like the Mongolian people. It stands to reason that the central and northern regions and the northwestern region where the Mongols live are not touched, but they are like gods.

Thirdly, the way of thinking and living habits of Taiwanese are actually more like Zhejiang people than Fujian people. Taiwanese people should reasonably be Fujian immigrants. That is, after the civil war, Jiang retreated to Taiwan, and there were many Zhejiang people. But the Taiwanese s current habits and thinking patterns are exactly the same as those of Zhejiang, and they are not very similar to those of Fujian.

Fourth, the residents of Hainan Province are more like the inland people. Hainan is an island surrounded by the sea. However, the residents of Hainan are not like the inhabitants of the islands who live on fisheries and live like the inland. Relying on real estate, services and aquaculture as economic pillars, Hainanese feel more like inland immigrants, and are completely indifferent to island residents.

Fifth, civilizations in the Jianghuai River Basin are like Suzhou, and Nanjing is closer to the Yellow River civilization than to the Yangtze River civilization. In fact, the Jianghuai River Basin is closer to the Yangtze River, but the local lifestyle is more like the residents of the Yellow River Basin than the Yangtze River Basin, especially Jiangnan. The folk customs of Suzhou, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places are completely different.

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