Formula Foundation UK Open Day at the British Embassy in China: Showing a Panorama of Studying in th

On July 5, 2019, the Open Day of the British Embassy of Formula International Foundation was held at the British Embassy s official residence in China. Xue Li, Director of the Overseas Study Division of the China Talent Development Foundation, addressed the event.

Director Xue Li pointed out in his speech that pre-training of talents is the main business direction of the Overseas Study Division. The Formula International Foundation Program advocates the concept of rational study abroad and scientific study abroad, with the purpose of improving the success rate of studying abroad and cultivating international applied talents. The project is based on the principle of “preparing for advances and not abandoning advances”. Through the four-in-one service network of study abroad assessment, preparatory studies in two places, overseas supervision, and after-sale services, the project provides more, higher-quality, Better international education resources, opening up new channels for studying abroad after the exam. Director Xue Li also said that the event aims to showcase a panoramic chapter of studying in the UK , so that visiting students and parents have an excellent British cultural experience.

Equation represents standards and balance, with choice and effort on one end and growth and harvest on the other. During the year of studying in the Foundation Year, the project aims to improve students academic English ability and critical thinking ability, to help students prepare for language, psychology, academic studies, and other aspects, and to choose real students for their future career development. Suitable for your own profession and success.

As a messenger of British culture, Mr. Andrew Hillman, the cultural ambassador of British Council, delivered a speech at the event. He mentioned that there is a scarcity of international talents with cross-cultural communication skills and a high degree of cross-cultural learning thinking on the international stage Therefore, studying abroad is an inevitable trend. As an established developed country, the United Kingdom has become the world s most popular destination for international students with the advantages of a long history of education, a sound education system , and abundant resources in famous schools. In the future, BC will work with the Overseas Study Division to bring more high-quality international education resources to Chinese students.

The awarding ceremony of the first special scholarship in the field of preparatory studies, the Pengcheng Scholarship, was also held at the event. The Pengcheng Scholarship is set up for students with excellent overall performance in the preparatory stage and is awarded once a year. Xue Li, the director of the study abroad department, presented the award to Tian Zijian from Henan who won the first Pengcheng scholarship.

Studying abroad is a systematic project. Study abroad services such as study abroad security, study abroad finance, overseas travel, etc. are well-known throughout the event. This event also invited well-known overseas study service providers such as China Merchants Bank, Hainan Airlines, Time Division Security, etc. to the scene to showcase their study abroad Different service scenes of life are deeply loved by everyone.

This year is the first open day event of the Formula International Foundation Program in the British Embassy, ​​which has attracted more than 100 visitors.

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