Guangzhou 2019 Overseas Talents Recruitment Fair Held by 77 Famous Companies

On November 24th, under the guidance of the Guangzhou Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, the Guangzhou Overseas Student Service Center and the South China Talent Market Allocation Center hosted the co-organized 2019 Guangzhou Overseas Talents Recruitment Fair held in Guangzhou Building.

77 well-known enterprises and institutions including Guangzhou Software Institute, Xiangxue Pharmaceutical, etc. set up a one-stop employment feature platform exclusively for returnees. On the morning of the same day, they also held a career planning training for overseas students and a conference on the release of job data and survival guidelines for high-end talents in the Bay Area. It attracted more than 2,000 returnees.

VII The proportion of applicants with a master s degree exceeds 70%

According to the previous targeted invitation data provided by the job fair, the background of the students studying abroad is mainly from Britain, the United States, Australia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, accounting for 28.42%, 16.89%, 16.27% and 10.5 % respectively.

In the professional category, finance and accounting accounted for the largest proportion, accounting for 32%; followed by language and literature, accounting for 19%; and technology research and development, and business management accounted for 11%. In terms of education level, among the applicants invited this time, the master s degree accounted for 74.04%, and the bachelor s degree accounted for 25.96%. Age is mainly 26-30 years old, accounting for 51%.

This is also the characteristics of companies that are in line with our job fair invitation, focusing on emerging industries such as new-generation information technology, biomedicine and health, and new energy. Guo Ning, head of the Guangzhou Overseas Student Service Management Center, introduced the 2019 Overseas Talent Recruitment Fair The scale is the largest and largest ever since. We specially invited well-known companies HR to hold theme sharing lectures for candidates, so that returnees studying abroad will be more grounded in their future careers.

From December 18th to 19th, the 2019 China Overseas Talent Exchange Conference and the 21st Guangzhou Overseas Chinese Science and Technology Exchange Conference will be held in Guangzhou. The conference is expected to have 30,000 attendees, including about 2,000 overseas talents. The conference will focus on seven major areas, including new-generation information technology, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new energy, new materials, advanced manufacturing, and marine economy, to help build a talented highland in the Greater Bay Area and build an international science and technology innovation center.

To a certain extent, this year s 2019 Overseas Talents Recruitment Fair is also a warm-up for the upcoming 2019 Shanghai Fair. I hope more overseas returnees can find their favorite positions and careers in Guangzhou. Guo Ning Say.

Elite Program invested 78 million yuan in 8 years

At the job fair site, 77 companies brought a lot of jobs, not only the job name, but also the company s QR code. By scanning the QR code, job seekers can submit resumes online, quickly and conveniently, and improve job search efficiency.

This time we mainly set up marketing, technical and administrative positions. Today, we mainly understand the basic situation of candidates, and we will continue to screen. Ms. HR Wu from China Unicom Guangzhou Branch said that she is currently applying for consulting and submitting resumes. For postgraduates, the post selection is roughly 5: 1.

On-site, there was friendly interaction and communication between job seekers and HR of major enterprises. I graduated from the City University of Hong Kong in October this year. Because I am from Guangzhou, I also considered the first time to work in my hometown, said Gao Wen, a 23-year-old candidate. I want to find departments such as marketing and functional management, and I tend to choose private enterprises, because I value the progress in stability and hope to gain exercise and room for improvement.

Going back to the motherland has become a new trend of overseas students in recent years. According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, the total number of Chinese students studying abroad in 2018 was 661,200, and the total number of returning students of various types was 519,400. The number of returning students studying abroad has steadily increased, and the trend of high-level talents returning is obvious.

Since 2011, Guangzhou has implemented the Elite Program study abroad program for 8 consecutive years, and has invested a total of about 78 million yuan to support a total of 270 people. It has nurtured a group of outstanding young talents with an international perspective , which has been described as for young talents Angel investment.

Guangzhou Overseas Student Service Center is a unit directly affiliated to Guangzhou Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Guangzhou is a specialized agency providing comprehensive services and management for overseas students and (overseas) high-level talents. Since its establishment, more than 50,000 overseas students have come to Guangzhou. Employment and entrepreneurship provide quality services.

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