How to calculate child support after divorce

According to the Several Specific Opinions on People s Courts Handling Child Rearing in Divorce Cases issued by the Supreme Court on November 03, 1993: The amount of child rearing fees can be based on the actual needs of the child, the affordability of both parents and The actual standard of living is determined. Where there is a fixed income, the childcare fee is generally paid at a rate of 20-30% of its monthly gross income. If the burden is on two or more children, the proportion may be increased appropriately, but generally it shall not exceed 50% of the total monthly income. If there is no fixed income, the amount of childcare expenses can be determined based on the total income of the year or the average income of the same industry , with reference to the above ratio. In special cases, the above ratio can be appropriately increased or decreased. Childcare fees shall be paid on a regular basis and may be paid in a lump sum if conditions permit. If one party has no economic income or their whereabouts are unknown, their property can be used to offset the child rearing expenses. The childcare payment period is generally up to the age of eighteen. Parents who are 16 years of age or older and under 18 years of age can rely on their labor income as their main source of living and can maintain the local standard of living.

There are other legitimate reasons that should be added. The people s court may fine or detain the party or other person who refuses to perform or obstructs others from fulfilling the effective judgment, ruling, or mediation related to child-rearing obligations; if a crime is constituted, criminal liability shall be investigated according to law.

Therefore, for child support, you can get up to 240 yuan (1200 * 20%) per month and at least 360 yuan (1200 * 30%). As for the issue of bonuses, because it is an uncertain subject, it is not easy to grasp when the court makes a judgment. Generally, this part will not be considered. Of course, according to the current collection of personal income tax, year-end bonuses are generally included in the personal income of the month. If you agreed to pay the maintenance fee by your ex-husband, the maintenance fee at the end of the year will of course be usually more.

Finally, according to the Several Specific Opinions on Handling Child Rearing Issues in Divorce Cases Handled by the People s Courts , if one party requests a change in the child rearing relationship after the divorce, or the child requests an increase in child rearing fees, a separate lawsuit should be instituted. Therefore, if you want to ask the ex-husband to increase the maintenance, you must sue him separately in the name of the child and ask the court to increase the maintenance.

The calculation of child support after divorce will be based on the income of the month. The higher the income, the more child support will be paid, and the child support must be paid. For the calculation of child support after divorce or how to deal with child support, you should find a professional lawyer to help you when you cannot resolve it.

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