How to get a Korean crime-free certificate

How to get a Korean crime-free certificate

The scope of notarization and certification of the Korean Document Embassy:

First category: personal files

Korean marriage certificate, birth certificate, no crime certificate, housing power of attorney, single certificate, same person statement, court judgment

Certificate of Education

Second category: Business documents

Korean company registration certificate Articles of Association Company bank credit certificate Company bank existence certificate Company meeting minutes

Resolution The company s board of directors resolved the company director s certificate of employment

When Korean citizens apply for a foreigner s employment permit in China, or when they apply for China s permanent residency (China Green Card), the relevant departments will require you to provide proof of no criminal record while in Korea and certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in South Korea.

The Korean crime-free report does not clearly state the validity of the report, but the Chinese government generally requires that the time for issuing a crime-free report is within 6 months. A crime-free report beyond 6 months will not be accepted and a new application is required.

Where can I get a Korean criminal record certificate?

Certificate of no criminal record in Korea is issued by the Korean Police Agency. The Korean Police Agency will search through the materials and basic information provided by the applicant (name, gender, date of birth, home address, etc.) and issue the final search result.

Korean certification: original Korean crime-free certificate, applicant s identity certificate

Certificate of no criminal record in South Korea: Notarization by a Korean notary, certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and certification by the Chinese Embassy in South Korea. Time is about 20 working days.

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