International students of Confucius Institutes from many countries embark on a journey of Chinese culture

China News Network, Beijing, October 16th (Li Shuangnan) A few days ago, the 7th Beijing Confucius Temple Guozijian Guoxue Cultural Festival started a journey to explore Chinese traditional culture. More than 40 Confucius Institute students who love Chinese culture from Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Germany, Poland, Romania, Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan and other countries.

In order to allow international students to understand, experience and experience the specific expressions of Chinese traditional culture in Chinese traditional music, writing, folk customs, handicrafts, etc., as well as the aesthetics and lifestyle of life influenced by Chinese traditional culture, the current Chinese traditional culture The festival s Sinology cultural tour project selected the most representative cultural spaces in Dongcheng District, such as the Confucian Temple Guozijian, Jiaolou Library, Ditan Park, Beijing Xi Theatre, the Forbidden City Chinese Character Experience Museum, and the Beijing Enamel Factory. Themes such as ancient music and learning Chinese characters have carefully arranged visiting routes.

International students participated in Guqin culture lectures. Photo courtesy of the organizer

During the period, the foreign students went into the old Chinese enamel Beijing Enamel Factory and visited the exquisite works of art in the Enamel Porcelain Exhibition of The Beauty of the Country, the World of Porcelain. GRINI KHAOULA, a Moroccan student from the Communication University of China, told reporters: It is so shocking that I did not expect China in the eighteenth century to be so sophisticated about aesthetics and aesthetics. The uniqueness of Chinese traditional craftsmanship is worth learning by the people of the world. She said that Moroccan culture is very much influenced by European culture, but this trip to Chinese studies has changed her original view on Eastern and Western aesthetics.

Strolling around Ditan Park, the foreign students visited the 24 Solar Terms Art Innovation Exhibition jointly created by many front-line designers. The exhibition showcased the twenty-four solar terms, an ancient and intelligent art installation, creative videos, design images, and cultural and creative derivatives, so that international friends from different cultural backgrounds can appreciate the Chinese people s understanding of seasons, time, and nature. Different feelings, and the connection to the present life. Vietnamese student Su Yingyun from the Chinese Language and Culture University told reporters, The twenty-four solar terms are full of wisdom, and it has influenced the development of ancient East Asia. The ancient Chinese knew so well the relationship between seasons and agriculture. It is amazing.

The international students who participated in this trip of Chinese culture came from Confucius Institute at Beijing Institute of Technology, Confucius Institute at Beijing Language and Culture University, Confucius Institute at Beijing Foreign Studies University, Confucius Institute at Beijing Jiaotong University, Confucius Institute at Renmin University of China and Confucius Institute at Communication University of China. According to the organizers of the event, the Sinology Cultural Tour aims to lead young international audiences to visit the origin, infiltration and development of Sinology, to understand the excellent traditional culture of China and its manifestation in today s life. Communication contributes. (End) Back to Sohu, see more

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