Is it common debt that the man raises primary three and owes divorce?

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the debt owed by the man to raise the primary three is not used for the common life of the husband and wife, it is only used for the primary three, not the common debt of the husband and wife, and the woman does not need to pay back after divorce.

Article 1 The debts that the husband and wife sign jointly or that the husband and the wife later confess after mutual recognition shall be regarded as the husband and wife joint debts.

Article 2 The people s court shall support the debts that a spouse bears in the name of an individual for the daily needs of the family during the existence of the marriage relationship.

Article 3 During the existence of the marriage relationship, the spouse s personal debt exceeds the family s daily needs. If the creditor claims the right as a common debt of the husband and wife, the people s court will not support it, but the creditor can prove that the debt is used for the spouse Exceptions are common living, common production and management, or expressions based on the common intention of both spouses.

The so-called personal debt before marriage, as the name implies, is the debt assumed in the name of one party before marriage. Personal debt before marriage in actual life mainly refers to debts that are raised by individuals before marriage and not yet paid off after marriage. In life, although many people know what personal debt is before marriage, they always don t know whether personal debt before marriage will be transformed into joint debt of married couples after marriage, and they will always worry that one party s debt will be borne by themselves. Whether the personal debt before marriage is transformed into the joint debt of the husband and wife is a more complicated issue, especially when it comes to borrowing money to buy a house before the marriage, holding a wedding, and so on.

Personal Personal debts before marriage, during the existence of the husband and wife relationship, if one party is engaged in self-employed or contracted business, the income is the joint property of the husband and wife, so personal debts before marriage should also be settled by the joint property of the husband and wife.

The common debt agreed by the two parties, for example, the two parties agreed that one party s pre-marital real estate should be jointly owned, but the borrowed house purchase money was also repaid as a common debt, and such agreed common debts are allowed by law.

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