Is it possible to visit with life imprisonment?

Article 47 Criminals may communicate with others while serving their sentences, but correspondence shall be checked by the prison. Letters found in prisons that impede the reform of offenders can be detained. Letters sent by criminals to the higher authorities and the judiciary of the prison are not subject to inspection.

Life imprisonment is the most severe method of punishment in freedom of punishment, which is mainly manifested in depriving criminals of their life freedom. Criminal law provides life imprisonment for very serious crimes, depriving criminals of life freedom.

Life imprisonment cannot be applied in isolation. For criminals sentenced to life imprisonment, they should be deprived of political rights for life. This is different from punishment such as control and prison term, which also reflects the severity of this punishment.

There is no issue of redemption of life sentence. For those who are sentenced to control, detention, or fixed-term imprisonment, those who were previously detained before the sentence can be redeemed, and life imprisonment is an indefinite detention of the executor, of course, there is no question of redemption of the sentence.

Pro The first time the relatives of the offenders met, they must apply for an interview card on the basis of the Notice of Admission to the Prisoner, the ID card account booklet and the certificate issued by the residents (village) committee and local public security organs. When you meet again, you will meet with your second-generation resident ID card and meeting card.

Criminals are not allowed to meet in principle during the period of strict supervision, confinement, and quarantine. Meetings due to special circumstances shall be reviewed by the prison administration department and reported to the prison supervisor for approval.

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