Is life sentence easy to commute?

This offender who has a chance to commute and is sentenced to life imprisonment can be commuted if he strictly abides by the supervision regulations, undergoes educational reforms, and performs repentance or meritorious deeds during the execution period. Not less than thirteen years. Criminal Law : Article 78. Criminals sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment and life imprisonment, during the implementation period, if they seriously abide by the supervision regulations, receive education and reform, and indeed show repentance, or if they have performed meritorious deeds, their sentences may be reduced; If one of the following major achievements is achieved, the sentence shall be reduced:

(1) Those sentenced by a people s court in accordance with the law shall be guilty of life imprisonment for serious crimes against national security and other serious criminal offenders. As women, sentenced to life imprisonment

(2) Criminals sentenced to two years probation for the death penalty have no intentional crimes during the probation period, and the two-year term has been reduced to life imprisonment. Criminals sentenced to life imprisonment are escorted to prison for execution and receive education and reform.

Criminals sentenced to life imprisonment are criminals with very serious crimes, large public indignation, and particularly harmful to society. In order to maintain social, political, economic, and cultural order and protect the personal and property safety of the country, collectives, and individual citizens, the Criminal Law Criminal penalties granted to such criminals to deprive them of life and political rights are necessary and effective. For example, in 1982 and 1983, severe, rapid, and severe crackdowns on various types of criminal activities were conducted, which established a good social order for reform and opening up. Of course, this is a special means in a specific historical period, but it is strict according to law. Dealing with all kinds of serious criminal crimes is still one of the effective methods of criminal law to crack down on crimes.

Life imprisonment is the most severe method of punishment in freedom of punishment, which is mainly manifested in depriving criminals of their life freedom. Criminal law provides life imprisonment for very serious crimes, depriving criminals of life freedom.

(1) Criminals sentenced to control, detention, life imprisonment, or life imprisonment and the death sentence being suspended for two years. In other words, the target of commutation is only the limitation of the sentence sentenced, but not the nature of the crime and the length of the sentence;

Twenty-two. During the execution of the penalty, the criminals who are carrying out the punishment are in accordance with the statutory circumstances of commutation. If there is no sentence or the execution of the punishment has been completed, the commutation will not be meaningful .

Many people are concerned about the issue of commuting to life imprisonment. After all, the punishment for life imprisonment is relatively heavy. There must be a suitable method to reduce the sentence, do some good things, and add a little good performance to yourself. And commutation is very beneficial.

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