Neither son cares what his parents do

According to the relevant laws of our country, if the child does not bear the maintenance responsibility, the parents can require the child to pay the maintenance costs. If they do not pay, they can sue to the court or complain to the relevant department.

Article 73 If the legitimate rights and interests of an elderly person are infringed, the victim or his agent has the right to ask the relevant department to deal with it, or bring a lawsuit in a people s court in accordance with the law.

The people s court and relevant departments shall promptly accept complaints, accusations, and reports of violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly without delay or delay.

Article 75 If a dispute arises between an elderly person and a family member due to maintenance, support, or housing, property, etc., they can apply to the People s Mediation Committee or other relevant organizations for mediation, or they can directly sue in a people s court.

When the People s Mediation Committee or other relevant organizations mediate the disputes in the preceding paragraph, they shall resolve the contradictions and disputes through persuasion and counseling; and faulty family members shall be given criticism and education.

Married adult children have no financial income themselves, but if their spouse s income is sufficient to support their lives, they should also assume maintenance obligations. The income of the husband and wife during the existence of the husband and wife belongs to the common property of the husband and wife, and both parties have the right to dispose of the common property of the husband and wife.

Parents cannot shirk their maintenance responsibilities because they do not support themselves. If a parent does not support a minor child due to difficulties in life, crime, or other objective conditions, after the child becomes independent, if the parent meets the requirements for maintenance, the child should still be fully supported Support obligations.

The child cannot abandon the inheritance of the property without bearing the maintenance obligation. The child s behavior of giving up the right of inheritance is effective, but the behavior of not bearing the maintenance obligation is invalid.

If the parents remarry, the children cannot refuse to support the elderly. Children s maintenance obligations to their parents do not end due to changes in the parents marital relationship.

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