On-site free consultation activities by TCM experts at Nantong Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

In order to welcome the summary and commendation meeting of the National People’s Expo Cultural Construction to be held in Nanjing, and to show the fruitful results of the development of Jiangsu People ‘. The theme of this activity is “Craftsmanship”, which is jointly sponsored by Jiangsu private museum association, Nantong traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum and Jiangsu Jinshiyuan liquor industry Co., Ltd. and jointly organized by Nanjing Baoyuanzhai Museum and Nanjing metropolitan imprint Museum (Preparatory).
Nantong traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum originated from Liangchun National Medical Museum of Nantong city. It is a non-state museum with the theme of traditional Chinese medicine culture. Zhu Liangchun, the founder of Zhu Xi, is the 29th generation grandson of Zhu Xi, a famous Neo Confucianism scholar in Chinese history. Since he was 18 years old, he has studied medicine under Ma Huiqing, the descendant of Ma Pei, the imperial physician of the Qing Dynasty. Later, he was in the clinic with Zhang CiGong, a famous doctor in Shanghai. In 1938, xuanhu Nantong was founded. He organized the “joint clinic of Chinese and Western medicine” to collect medicine and research medicine for the common people, prevent and treat diseases, and enjoys a high reputation among the people. In April 1956, Zhu Liangchun donated the clinic to the state free of charge and established Nantong Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, the first president of which lasted for 28 years. In 1987, Zhu Liangchun was awarded the title of “outstanding senior expert” by the State Council and suspended his retirement. He has successively won the titles of “advanced individual of national health civilization construction”, “advanced worker of traditional Chinese medicine system” and “special contribution of traditional Chinese medicine to fight against SARS” by the Ministry of health, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the Jiangsu provincial government. In 2009, he was awarded the title of “advanced individual of national health civilization construction”, “advanced worker of traditional Chinese medicine system” and other awards by the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of health The Ministry and other departments jointly awarded the title of “master of Chinese medicine”, which is a famous Chinese medicine expert, Chinese medicine educator, Chinese medicine clinical, teaching and scientific research master in China. In 1992, Zhu Liangchun and his children worked hard to establish Liangchun Institute of traditional Chinese medicine. Through the establishment of the Museum of traditional Chinese medicine culture, the long history of traditional Chinese medicine culture was completely inherited. At the age of one hundred, he still modified and improved the archives of traditional Chinese medicine, which has become a rare treasure in the field of traditional Chinese medicine.
The history of traditional Chinese medicine is the history of human beings, the core source of human civilization, and China’s unique contribution to the progress of world civilization, which fully embodies the wisdom of Chinese ancestors. In this exhibition, the audience will see a yellow academic ancient book of traditional Chinese medicine with unique fragrance, hundreds of traditional Chinese medicine specimens with a history of hundreds of years, a variety of precious collections such as Chinese medicine brewing instruments, moxibustion cupping and silver needles with different lengths and shining lights, all of which show the broad and profound Chinese medicine.
According to Zhu Jianping, director of Jiangsu private museum association and curator of Nantong traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Museum, in this exhibition, the audience can not only experience the infinite mystery of traditional Chinese medicine culture through watching, knowing, smelling and tasting, but also arrange professional technicians with certain theoretical basis and rich practical experience to publicize and popularize traditional Chinese medicine culture on the exhibition site all day To explain the knowledge of disease prevention and treatment and health preservation for Chinese and foreign tourists and citizens throughout the year, and use the unique method of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis to provide voluntary diagnosis and treatment services such as massage, acupuncture, cupping and so on.

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