Read the world’s military information in one minute on November 28

China successfully launches High Score 12 satellite

7At 7:52 on November 28th, China successfully launched the Gaofen 12 satellite in the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center with the Long March 4C carrier rocket. The satellite successfully entered the planned orbit and the mission was successfully completed.

The Long March 4C carrier rocket and the GaoFen 12 satellite were developed by the Shanghai Aerospace Technology Research Institute affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. This mission is the 320th space flight of the Long March series of launch vehicles.

Finland Defence Forces hold large-scale military exercises

The Finnish Defence Forces started a large-scale biennial military exercise on the 27th, which lasted for one week.

This military exercise was attended by 12,000 officers and soldiers and 2200 military vehicles from the three forces of the Army, the Air Force, and the Border Guard.

Trump interference in military justice raises concerns

The United States Department of the Navy originally planned to conduct an assessment of SEAL Sergeant Edward Gallagher from December, which may deprive him of the Trident badge representing SEAL members.

But under Trump s intervention, US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper approved Gallagher to retire as a sea seal member at the end of this month, canceling the original assessment.

Russia shows hypersonic weapons to the United States

Russian Defense Ministry said on the 26th that the Russian army showed a newest hypersonic weapon developed by Russia to the US visitors: the advanced gliding missile.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that as part of its commitment to increase transparency in the bilateral nuclear disarmament treaty New Strategic Weapons Reduction Treaty signed by Russia and the United States in 2010, the military this week showed a group of visiting American visitors with the hypersonic speed of Russian research and development Gliding vehicle.

German Bundeswehr apologizes for showing photos of Nazi uniforms

German Bundeswehr and Ministry of Defense spokesman on the 27th apologized for the Bundeswehr showing photos of Nazi-era military uniforms on social media.

A spokesman for the State Department of Defense said that the Department of Defense and the Federal Defense Forces had made an unacceptable mistake and that any content involving extremism was a restricted area within the Federal Defense Forces.

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