Research frontier heat index ranks second in the world in 2019 of China, Beijing, November 26 (Reporter Sun Zifa) The Chinese Academy of Sciences Strategic Research Institute for Science and Technology, the Literature Information Center, and Kerui Wei an released the 2019 Research Frontier Heat Index to the world in Beijing on the 26th. On the overall level in the field of science, the United States is the most active. It ranks first in the world with a research frontier index score of 204.89 and China ranks second in the world with a score of 139.68. Compared with previous years, the gap between China and the United States is narrowing.

The National Research Frontier Heat Index consists of national contribution and national influence. The 2019 Research Frontier Heat Index assesses the research activity of major countries in the 137 frontiers. Britain, Germany and France have scores of 80.85, 67.52 and 46.30, respectively, and they rank third to fifth in the world.

From the development trend of the research frontier heat index in the three years of 2017, 2018 and 2019, the United States has 281.11, 227.39 and 204.89 points in the past three years, the highest score and the first place. In the past three years , China ranked second with 118.84, 118.38, and 139.68 points. It has risen steadily, and the gap between China and the United States in the research frontier heat index has gradually narrowed.

The Research Frontier Heat Index 2019 shows that the research frontier heat index scores the first or the top three in terms of scores. The United States is far ahead, and China, the United Kingdom, and Germany rank second to fourth. Judging from the number of frontiers ranked by the research frontier heat index in 2019, there are 80 frontiers ranked in the United States, accounting for 58.39% of all 137 frontiers, and the number of frontiers ranked first in China is 33, accounting for approximately 24.09% . The United Kingdom has seven frontiers ranked first, and Germany and France each have one frontier ranked first. Judging from the number of the top three frontiers, there are 115 (83.94%) of the top three frontiers in the United States, 63 ( 45.99%) of the top three frontiers in China, and 46 and 43 frontier ranks in the United Kingdom and Germany, respectively. The top three (about 1/3 of the total number of research fronts).

According to the comparison of the frontier heat index scores of the ten university research fields, the United States is in agriculture, botany and zoology, earth science, clinical medicine, biological science, physics, astronomy and astrophysics , Psychology and other social sciences in the first seven areas, ecology and environmental sciences , chemistry and materials science , mathematics, computer science and engineering three areas, the leading edge is obvious.

China ranks first in the three fields of Chemistry and Materials Science, Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, Ecology and Environmental Science, Agriculture, Botany and Zoology, Earth Science, Biological Science, Physics Economics, Psychology, and Other Social Sciences ranked second in five fields, but only ranked ninth and eleventh in the two fields of Clinical Medicine and Astronomy and Astrophysics , which are very different from the United States. Still obvious. Generally speaking, China s performance in many fields is outstanding, but the development of the top ten scientific fields is still uneven, and there are obvious depressions. The competitive advantages, pressures and challenges of future development coexist.

Since 2014, the Chinese Academy of Sciences scientific and technological strategic intelligence research team has cooperated with Coreway Security to reveal the annual hot frontiers and emerging frontiers of basic science clusters through big data and bibliometric analysis methods, and released the annual research frontier report, 2019 Research The Frontier Heat Index is based on the 2019 Research Frontier.

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