Sino-U.S. Trade could set Chinese economy back 20 years

The event that has attracted the most attention during this time should be the Sino-US trade war. The game between the great powers would have been noticeable, not to mention the conflict between the two superpowers, China and the United States. Some people say that this Sino-US Trade war will make China s economy go back 20 years, because once the trade war between the United States and Japan put Japan under the repression of the United States, causing Japan to have strategic problems and let the Japanese economy Twenty years back, so these people thought that China would end up like Japan.

But China is not Japan. There is an essential difference between China and Japan, so this kind of thing cannot happen in China. Japan was originally because, after World War II, both the economy and the military relied heavily on the United States. The United States policies have a great influence on Japan. Because Japan has benefited from some US policies, it will inevitably suffer from changes in US policies influences. But China is not subject to the United States. China s military and economy are independent individuals and do not depend on other countries.

Because of this difference in trade structure, the situation between China and Japan must be different. Moreover, the trade between China and the United States is not a perfect competition relationship, but a certain complementary relationship. There is no direct competition, so China Economy will not go backwards. Those who are waiting to see China s bustle should be disappointed.

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