Southeast Asian journalists impressed by rapid development of Ningbo, China

From November 19 to 23, Ningbo Municipal Government hosted a Southeast Asian media event.
During the event, Ningbo municipal government invited media reporters from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore to visit Ningbo, visited local enterprises such as Oxfam group, Cixing group, Junsheng electronics, Youngor Group and Taiping bird group, and focused on the development of intelligent manufacturing and clothing industry.
Lin Shuyun, a senior reporter of Oriental Daily in Malaysia, said: “Ningbo has done a good job in the research of intelligent manufacturing industry, and the most impressive thing is that all enterprises attach great importance to cultivating their own unique corporate culture.”
During a visit to Youngor Group, a leading textile and apparel company in China, hestianingsih, editor of in Indonesia, said that Youngor Group’s intelligent manufacturing, especially laser cutting technology, opened her eyes.
“Port is Ningbo’s biggest resource, opening up is Ningbo’s biggest advantage”, the slogan appeared in Ningbo City Exhibition Hall.
“I really understand the development characteristics of Ningbo now,” said Li falian, a senior journalist of Malaysia’s Xingzhou daily, adding that in Malaysia, due to geographical constraints, there is no international port like Ningbo Zhoushan port.
In 2018, Ningbo Zhoushan port completed a cargo throughput of 1.08 billion tons, ranking first in the world for 10 consecutive years, with a container throughput of 26.35 million TEUs, ranking third in the world.
Qianyang economic development zone is composed of central business district, industrial park, e-commerce logistics center and residential area, covering an area of 16.5 square kilometers. Several years ago, when Ningbo vigorously developed cross-border e-commerce, Qianyang economic development zone was planned and established.
Qianyang economic development zone is located in a superior geographical position, adjacent to the world’s largest port, radiating the Yangtze River Delta in eastern China. “I believe this development zone will have a bright future,” said Li Li, a reporter for Chinese headlines in Singapore
During their stay in Ningbo, the reporters also visited Ningbo Museum, Tianyige scenic spot, Ningbo City Exhibition Hall and other cultural attractions and museums.

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