Symposium on the analysis of the economic situation of the Central Committee of the Democratic Peoples Republic of China held in Beijing

In order to make better use of the overall role of the conference, scientifically and comprehensively judge the economic situation, and consolidate ideological consensus, on November 25, the China Democratic National Construction Association held a seminar on economic situation analysis in Beijing. Hao Mingjin, chairman of the China Democratic National Construction Association, attended the meeting, and Li Shijie, vice chairman and secretary general, chaired the meeting.

Wang Changlin, Dean of the China Academy of Macroeconomics, Tian Xuan, Deputy Dean of the Wudaokou School of Finance, Tsinghua University, and “Changjiang Scholar” Special Professor of the Ministry of Education, Lou Feng, Director of the Department of Economic Systems, Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences And Chen Xiaoping, Vice Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Chairman of the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee of the China Democratic National Development Association, Dean Bai Chongen, Dean of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, Li Yao, Chairman of the Democratic Party Guizhou Provincial Committee, Yang Changyang, Chief Economist of the Shenwan Hongyuan Securities Research Institute, Electronics of the Ministry of Commerce Wu Fangli, Director of the Department of Commerce and Information Technology , Wang Yumei, Professor of the School of Civil and Commercial Economics, China University of Political Science and Law, Shi Yong, Counselor of the State Council and Director of the Virtual Economy and Data Science Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fu Guangjun, Researcher of the Taxation Science Research Institute of the State Administration of Taxation , Du Chenglin, chairman of Beijing Zhongyang Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd., Li Tong, CEO and CEO of BOC International Holdings Co., Ltd., Wang Shengyang, deputy chairman of the Shanghai Committee of the China Democratic National Construction Association, and Song Qing, deputy director of the Urban Development Think Tank (Advanced Research Institute) of Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Gui Gui, Partner of Yingming Law Firm, Fuzhou University Zhou Xiaoliang, Dean of the Institute of Economics, School of Management, Zhao Wanping, Deputy Dean of Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Huang Yong, Director of the Center for Competition Law, University of International Business and E conomics, Zhang Xiaohong, Dean of China Institute of Finance, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, etc. Experts attended the meeting and made speeches on promoting high-quality economic development, building a new level of open economic system, preventing and resolving major risks , solidly promoting rural rejuvenation, strengthening protection and improving people s livelihood.

Li Shijie affirmed and thanked the experts for their active participation and earnest speeches, and re-emphasized the importance of holding a symposium on economic situation analysis. He asked the Central Research Department to carefully review and study the content and results of the meeting, and form and submit a high-quality economic situation analysis report for reference by the central government.

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