Thailand holds the ninth Thai silk clothing culture exhibition

On November 23, the 9th “celebration of silk” Thai silk clothing culture exhibition and the 2nd Thai silk International Fashion Week held a closing ceremony at the Royal Navy Convention Center in Bangkok. More than 2000 people attended the ceremony, including Thai Prime Minister Bayu, Deputy Prime Minister visanu, Minister of culture yitipeng, as well as people from all walks of life and foreign diplomats in Thailand. Mr. and Mrs. LV Jian, Chinese ambassador to Thailand, and their librarians attended.

At the closing ceremony, Ambassador LV Jian and his wife took the stage as honorary models. They wore Thai silk dresses designed by Yi Ming, a Chinese designer, and walked on the stage with envoys and diplomats from various countries in Thailand. They excellently demonstrated the beauty of harmony generated by the cultural integration between China and Thailand, and won the applause of the whole audience.

Thailand’s prime minister Bayu and Vice Prime Minister visanu delivered speeches respectively, thanking the embassies of various countries in Thailand for their full support for the activities, saying that Thailand is an important cultural symbol and national pride of Thailand, and has become an increasingly important export product in recent years, which has played an important role in promoting economic development, improving people’s lives and passing on national culture. Queen Mother sirigi attaches great importance to the promotion of Tess. With her personal care, the scale and influence of Tess clothing culture exhibition continue to expand. I hope that by inviting designers from all countries to make Thai silk costumes, more people will know and love Thai silk, and I hope that the cultural exchanges and mutual learning of clothing will deepen the friendship between Thailand and the people of all countries.

The 9th silk clothing culture exhibition and the 2nd silk international fashion week were held in Bangkok from November 18 to 23. On November 19, China’s special clothing show appeared in Bangkok. With Tess as the carrier, the exquisite clothing with the theme of “technology and future” made the audience refreshing. Thai friends praised China’s exclusive show for its organic integration of Chinese style, sense of science and technology with Thailand silk, reflecting the rich and colorful cultural exchanges between China and Thailand.

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