The world’s largest ancestral festival folk festival held in Huizhou

On February 1, 2018, the large-scale ancestor worship folk activities of Wen family were held at the ancestral hall of Wen family in Xiaojing, Huizhou and the cultural square of xiaolianjing West Village in Dayawan, Huizhou City, with 10368 people taking part in ancestor worship. According to the official site confirmation of world record certification (wrca), the activity is recognized as “the largest ancestor worship folk activity in the world”.

Wen family, a famous family, has many talents. There were six dragons and three Yan in the ancient times, and now there is the Prime Minister of Jiabao. No matter in the party, government and army, or in the arts, industry and Commerce circles, Wen family celebrities can lead the way. As a descendant of the Wen family, since its establishment in 2017, the “Huizhou Wen clan fraternity” has firmly taken “one Wen clan in the world” as its main purpose and rejuvenation of the Wen clan as its own duty. This time, tens of thousands of elites from Britain, Australia and other countries, Wen’s lineages from all over the country, Wen’s well-known artists, heads of relevant government departments and many media reporters gathered. This is not only a display of Wen’s culture and Hakka culture, but also a heritage and praise of Chinese traditional culture.

At the same time, the ceremony is the opening ceremony of Huizhou Wenshi Cultural Festival and the completion ceremony of the cultural square of xiaolianjing West Village, Daya Bay, Huizhou City. Tens of thousands of people witnessed the ribbon cutting ceremony, which opened the prelude of a system of cultural activities. From February 1 to 5, there will be five consecutive days of art performances and Wens famous artists’ art exhibitions. Wen Weichang, President of Huizhou Wenshi clan Friendship Association, introduced that the purpose of building cultural square and holding Wenshi Cultural Festival is to gather the strength of clan, educate the descendants, standardize morality, make relatives and neighbors, unite people at home and abroad, and inspire the feelings of loving family and patriotism.

Cultural tradition and national spirit are deeply rooted in each nation’s blood, which is always a great spiritual force for national development and national rejuvenation. Ancestor worship is a grand folk activity. Ancestor worship culture is popular in Asian countries. In ancient times, this kind of etiquette was very popular. Because of the different manners and customs, there are different forms of ancestor worship. Chinese people have a tradition of being cautious and pursuing the distant future. They will never forget to worship their ancestors during festivals. At the same time, some places offer sacrifices to the gods of heaven and earth. The main offerings are three animal meals, three tea and five wine, etc.; the main sacrifice is made by the parents, who burn three sticks of incense, worship, pray for a good harvest, and finally burn paper, commonly known as money and food. Ancestor worship has been a profound ancient custom for thousands of years.

The ceremony was strongly supported and recognized by the local government. Leaders of relevant government departments attended the ceremony. They put forward suggestions and guidance for the future construction and development of the cultural square. They hope that Huizhou Wynn family friendship association will make a solid contribution to the rejuvenation of Chinese traditional culture with the Cultural Square as the carrier.

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