What kind of achievements

The main forms of general meritorious service are: reporting and exposing others criminal behavior and verifying it; providing important clues so that the judicial organ can detect other cases; assisting the judicial organ in arresting other criminal suspects; stopping criminal activities of others while in custody, and many more.

The major forms of major contributions are: reporting and exposing other people s major criminal acts and verifying them; providing important clues so that the judicial organ can detect other major cases; preventing major criminal activities of others; assisting the judicial organ in arresting other major criminal suspects Human; other outstanding performances or major contributions that are beneficial to the country and society.

Contributions must be committed by the criminals themselves. In order for criminals to be treated lightly, relatives and friends of the criminals directly disclose the criminal behavior of others to relevant authorities, provide important clues in other cases, or assist the judicial authorities in arresting other criminal suspects A person should not be identified as a meritorious act of a criminal.

The Opinions on Several Issues Concerning the Determination of Circumstances for the Determination of Confession and Contributions in the Case of Duty Crime Cases (hereinafter referred to as the Opinions) jointly issued by the Supreme People s Court and the Supreme People s Procuratorate on the 19th regulate the conditions for determination of meritorious service cases.

The Opinion states that the crime materials of others based on their contributions should specify the specific facts of the crime; the clues or assistance based on their contributions must have a practical effect on the detection of cases or the arrest of criminal suspects.

In addition, the Opinions also put forward corresponding treatment opinions on the procedures for the determination of meritorious service, the source requirements of the materials on which meritorious service is based, the understanding of the punishment of life imprisonment or more in major meritorious service , and the principle of using meritorious service.

Verification is true is a statutory requirement for meritorious service. The relevant person in charge of the Supreme People s Court said that in practice, some cases often only have simple explanations, and it is difficult for the judicial organs to draw conclusions based on this. In order to ensure the seriousness of the meritorious service determination, the Opinions stipulate that reviewing whether to constitute meritorious service must not only review the explanatory materials of the case-handling authority, but also review relevant facts and evidence and legal documents related to the qualitative punishment of the case.

In order to proceed from the requirements of judicial fairness, the Opinions clearly stipulate that, according to one of the following circumstances, the clues and sources of meritorious service cannot be regarded as meritorious service: I have obtained it by illegal means or illegal channels; I have forbidden crimes for the original Obtained from other positions; provided to criminals by others in violation of regulatory requirements; provided by staff of state organs or other state personnel who have the responsibility for the prohibition of criminal activities.

According to the relevant provisions of the Supreme People s Court s Interpretation of Several Issues Concerning the Specific Application of the Law of Surrender and Contributions, criminals report and expose other people s crimes, provide important clues to detect other cases, prevent other people s criminal activities, or assist judicial authorities in arresting Other arrested criminal suspects, criminal suspects, and defendants who may be sentenced to life imprisonment or more in accordance with law, shall be deemed to have made significant contributions.

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