Why are young Koreans more and more coming to China to study?

According to Korean media reports, as of the end of 2017, there were 262,800 overseas students in South Korea, of which 62,600 were international students (23.8%), second only to 73,100 (28.1%) studying in the United States. And compared with two years ago, the number of Koreans studying in the United States, Canada, Japan, Britain, Russia and other developed countries has decreased, while the number of Korean students studying in China has increased. Why would such phenomenon happen?

21, China s rapid renaissance

30 After 30 years of reform and opening up, China has gradually recovered, and sooner or later will rise again in the world. Especially in recent years, China s development speed, military strength, economic strength, and international influence have significantly improved. Not only domestic people feel it, but South Korea as a neighbor also feels the same. Although the Koreans have the bad smell of Yelang s pride, except for the United States, the Koreans look down on the world, especially the rise of China , often questioning and scorning, because they have been ahead of us for about 30 years.

However, although the Koreans are not willing to admit the rapid rise of China as a neighbor, objectively it has to be affected and affected by China. China is the first trading country in South Korea, and it is more advanced. The entire relocation to China, so Koreans have become a relatively large group of foreigners in China. Young students minds are more likely to change and accept new things, and they like to follow the trend. Therefore, it is good to say that they are based on sincere learning or that they are curious. There are more and more young people in South Korea. Choice to study in China, especially some universities in Shandong Province.

Twenty-two, in order to escape military service

Korean men are forced to perform military service between the ages of 20 and 30. In the past ten years, there have been news that a certain male star has been forced to abandon military service in the entertainment industry. In 2004, Yuan Bin and Song Chengxian, and Li Junji and Jiang Dongyuan in 2010 all set off a news climax in South Korea s compulsory military service. In fact, going to college cannot waive the obligation to perform military service, but it can be postponed. So many young people in South Korea can only hold a passable mentality, and escape every day is a day. Because South Korea stipulates that in school, that is, during college or graduate school, studying abroad, etc., you can apply for a maximum of two military service extensions. After two times, you cannot extend the military service. This can explain that Korean men have come to China. You can extend your service, as long as you are over 28 years old, you can stop.

Military service in South Korea is very difficult. Boys will be very sad to go to military service. Generally, the second-level active service is only the second year of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. (Only 3 days, the road is far away from the sky.) Holidays are particularly difficult in the first year. There is no vacation, but also tolerate non-human abuse of officers and seniors (maybe there is sexual harassment). Senior soldiers can deliberately recruit recruits, and some recruits can choose extreme methods, such as suicide.

33. To escape domestic life

The life consumption in South Korea is very high. Don t be fooled by Korean dramas. The Korean dramas are all about the life of the rich second-generation Koreans. The lives of Koreans are actually very hard. It seems that the money is very high, but the consumption is also very high, and it is extremely high. The price of beef is 400 yuan per catty. An egg costs 18 yuan, vegetables are scarce, and eating ribs is hard to improve. When I came to China , I didnt say anything else, at least in terms of eating, they were like heaven as much as possible, so no wonder many Koreans came to China. The important thing is that the tuition fees for Korean students to go to school are hundreds of thousands a year. It doesnt cost so much money to come to China to study at a university for four years. It is a big deal to come to China to study. You can also get a job offer, why not! Maybe there are still young people from South Korea who have settled in China.

24. For better employment

Many graduating students who have graduated from universities in Korea, but are unable to find employment, are many. Only those with Chinese and English proficiency are more likely to find work in Korea. For those who are recruited to work in China or to work in China, For talented companies, of course, those who graduate from Chinese universities and are proficient in Chinese will be preferred. Therefore, studying at a Chinese university has become one of the ways to at least ensure that you no longer worry about the future.

At present, many Korean university students who have completed their studies seriously at Korean universities prepare Chinese exams from the beginning of their studies and study in China. Because Korean students know that compared with those Korean students who have completed their studies in Korean universities, studying in Chinese universities for 4 to 5 years, and students who have learned Chinese culture will naturally be stronger, and it will be easier to graduate after graduation. Successful employment in domestic companies.

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