Why do the 300,000 black people who once “occupied” Guangzhou have left China? Actually helpless

Due to the continuous evolution of time and the continuous improvement of the world, many people choose to travel abroad, and even book cars on some domestic car rental platforms, such as car rental, to drive abroad, while there are many people from abroad who come to China for tourism. Many foreigners come to China for tourism, and some start living in our country, and even foreigners from some developed countries settle in our country. It is said that in the Guangzhou area, about 300,000 black Africans settle here, making this city the most populous city in the country.

However, according to some Internet users, there are fewer and fewer black people on the streets of Guangzhou, and sometimes they can only see a few people a day. It is hard to believe that there are 300,000 black people in Guangzhou. In fact, there are fewer black people in Guangzhou, and the number of black people is decreasing. I believe there will be fewer black people living in Guangzhou in the future. What is the reason? It turns out that these black people have made a lot of money since they came to Guangzhou to reform and open our country. They often do not want to return to China after they come to China. Why are you leaving this country now? Helpless.

As we all know, China is a country with a population of 1.4 billion. The influx of immigrants has increased the pressure on the country s population. In recent years, the government has begun to limit the number of immigrants. To limit the influx of immigrants, the government will not repatriate individuals who have completed immigration procedures. Most of the 300,000 blacks in Guangzhou have not completed immigration procedures. The only thing that can be done is repatriation. Therefore, they do not want to leave China themselves, but they cannot do without proper eligibility procedures.

In addition, some black people came to study in Guangzhou. Many international students can return to their country immediately after completing their studies. Residence or immigration procedures.

For other black people who make money in our country through work or business, they will choose to return to their own domestic businesses and start their own development after obtaining a certain amount of funds. After all, the leaves must take root. No matter how beautiful the outside world is, it is not your own country. As a result, the number of black people in Guangzhou is decreasing.

Life is always going on. I hope that wherever we are, whether we are black friends or not, we can do it: no matter where we go, we always remember our hometown.

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