FBI director renders Chinese intelligence threat, Chinese response Foolish

The intelligence threat China poses to the United States is more serious than any other country. “” China is fighting a war against the United States. “The alarmist comments come from the mouth of Christopher Leigh, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). These remarks in the United States on the 23rd were rejected by Chinese Foreign Ministry official Hua Chunying. The Senate Judiciary Committee, as always, has discredited China.
According to American Times, Christopher Ray testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on the 23rd. When it comes to China, he claims that the FBI has conducted more than 1,000 investigations in the United States involving the theft of U.S. intellectual property, including economic espionage and non-proliferation activities, which “almost all point to China” and “the Chinese government is using government officials, Entities and non-traditional intelligence agents, etc., climb the economic ladder by stealing. ” He also said that some major U.S. universities “actually have established channels for intellectual property to return to China.” “This does not mean that we should not do business with Chinese people, but business leaders, universities and other institutions need to be alert to risks. mind”. He also said at the meeting that Russia is still trying to interfere with subsequent elections in the United States.
Christopher Ray was born as a lawyer and became the FBI director in August 2017. The mantra is “all can be stolen”. In February 2018, he stated at a U.S. Senate hearing that Chinese students in the United States “may be secretly for April of this year, and he went public at a public event of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the U.S. Think Tank:” China is a burglar ‘. “.
“This is not the first time Mr. Lei has made a similar comment. The accusations are completely false and self-deceiving.” China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Hua Chunying responded on the 24th. She also mentioned that Pompeo, the current U.S. Secretary of State and head of the former largest intelligence agency, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), publicly declared in a speech at Texas A & M University in April, “We lie, we deceive, we steal This is the glory of the United States’ continuous exploration. ” Hua Chunying said: “But China is different. We do n’t steal, we do n’t steal, we do n’t lie. We rely on our own wisdom and sweat to achieve today ’s remarkable achievements. If China is fighting a war, It was a just war to defend their legitimate rights and interests. “

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