As an emperor in the Southern Song Dynasty, what are the romantic affairs of Song Duzong?

Since the establishment of the first feudal country, the emperors of all dynasties have owned the third house and the sixth house, and it is most common for the emperor to favor the beauties. As a wise king, petting will be temperate, and state affairs will be the most important thing. But for a stupid monk like Song Duzong, as long as he is happy, what national affairs do he care about!

What are the romantic charms of Song Duzong? Song Duzong is a well-known prince in history. His romantic charms are many, and these things are based on facts. It is recorded in the Continued Zizhi Tongjian · Song Ji One Hundred and Eighty : The emperor himself is a prince, with a good inside smell; standing, lingering in wine. Story, 嫔 妾 进 御, morning 诣 合 门 谢恩, Lord The book is written on the day of the emperor. And at the beginning of the emperor, there were more than thirty gratitudes a day. This history has been verified. There are rules in the palace in the ancient times. The concubine slept with the emperor at night, and closed the next day. Thanks to the emperor for his spoils of grace, the eunuch commission in charge recorded the date of the luck in detail. When Zhao Yonggang became emperor, one day there were more than 30 court princesses who thanked him in front of Hemen. When Song Duzong was emperor, more than thirty concubines were summoned every night, which is the most in history.

Talking about the topic of Song Duzong s romantic charm, everyone couldn t help but think of his other story. After Song Duzong s succession, even the state affairs were entrusted to the most beloved woman in charge. Four of the most favored women in charge, known as the four ladies of spring, summer, autumn and winter. It is said that the four ladies faces are very beautiful, but they really have no clue about national affairs. Song Duzong was so faint and handed over state affairs to his concubine. Not only that, but also reapplying the traitor Jia Xi, respecting Jia Xi, and having Jia Si in control of the entire court, such a decadent rule exacerbated the demise of the Southern Song Dynasty.

Du Songzong, an Emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty, was addicted to wine. The most respected woman in his life was Quan Quan, known as Queen Queen in history. After Emperor Song Gong surrendered, she ended up as a monk at Zhengzhi Temple.

Many successful women in the history of Nuo came out of the nuns. Wu Zetian came out of the nuns and became the first emperor in history. Zhen Nu came out of the nuns and got the right to the harem. But there are some who can t stand up from here. The Emperor Song Duzong is such a tragedy. Her tragedy was because the man she was looking for was unreliable. The whole queen was from Zhejiang Hueiji, and was the niece and granddaughter of the mother Emperor Song Lizong, the emperor of the emperor Song Lizong. She was born in a family. When he was young, he followed his father and lived in Ren Yuezhou.

Although Emperor Song Duzong was faint and lascivious, the choice of queen was savvy. In the three years of Xianchun, Song Duzong enlisted her as a queen, and gave back three generations of official positions, giving home temples and ground houses. Song Duzong was very kind to her, Enze went to everyone in her house. As the emperor of Song Duzong, the most important thing is the stretch of the son-in-law. The whole queen was not smooth on the son-in-law. In the early stage, there was no child.

The ending of Emperor Song Duzong is also very sympathetic. After Song Duzong died of wine, Song Gongzong, who was only three years old, succeeded the throne, and the whole queen was called the empress. Not long after the Empress Dowager, in 1276 , the Yuan Army attacked Lin an. There was no other way for the orphans and widows. When Empress Xie was helpless, she led Emperor Song Gong to surrender, and all her queens were escorted to Dadu with her son. In Dadu After suffering torture, he finally became a monk and died in Zhengzhi Temple in Dadu.

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