As the first female historian in Chinese history, is Queen Ma also a good wife?

Empress Mingde Ma was the Empress of Emperor Liuzhuang in the Eastern Han Dynasty. Her father was General Fu Bo and Ma Yuan. Emperor Mingde was elected to the uterus of the uterus when he was thirteen years old, and was loved by the princes. After Liu Zhuang became the emperor of Hanming, Ma was named a nobleman, and later Emperor Hanming became the queen. As a woman, Queen Mingdema is quite famous in history. She is the first female historian in Chinese history.

Queen Ming De Ma has lost her parents since she was a child. Her half-brother died early, and her brother s mother was distressed because of too much grief. So when Mars was ten years old, she started to deal with family affairs , and she managed the servants in the family. People were quite amazed and admired for her ability. Due to the gradual decline of the Ma family and being bullied by other families, Ma s cousins ​​were very worried and angry, and finally decided to send Ma to the palace for preservation, so Ma was selected at the age of thirteen Too womb. Ma is modest and capable, and serves the prince s mother, Empress Yin Lihua, in the palace, and makes friends with many concubines . Everyone in the palace praises her constantly, and even the prince loves him.

After the throne of Emperor Liu Zhuang of Hanming Emperor, Ma was named a noble, tolerant and virtuous, to comfort and accept the concubine in Emperor Hanming s harem, and to carefully raise the son of Liu Xuan, the daughter of his half- sister, after entering the palace. Later, Ma was made the Emperor by the Ming Emperor for her virtues. After becoming a queen, Ma was not flattered and proud, but he became more obedient and modest. He resolved his problems when Emperor Hanming was confused about his affairs. He did not bother Emperor Hanming with the personal affairs of his relatives. Therefore, Ma became Emperor Hanming. Petting and respect.

Emperor Han Ming s Emperor Mingde was modest and obedient. As Emperor Han Ming, although she was well-loved and respected by Emperor Han Ming, she had never been coveted and arrogant. She not only dealt with various matters in the harem, but did not bother Han Ming. In the harem, he was also considerate of Emperor Hanming. When he was troubled by political affairs, he resolved his problems. It can be seen that, as the wife of Emperor Hanming, Ma has his own way of being a wife.

Queen Margaret of the Ming Dynasty was very capable since her childhood, and the death of her parents prompted her to become independent and strong in her youth. After she was selected into the uterine womb, her mother who cared for the prince considerately and paid other concubines. No one in the palace praised her, which shows that she is a powerful person. After Emperor Hanming was elected, Ma was ordained as queen. Becoming a queen, even though her status is extremely noble, Ma is still gentle and amiable, and lives frugally. She loves reading. Although she doesn t interfere in politics, she has her own unique opinions on politics, which makes Emperor Hanming respect and love her more.

After Emperor Hanming s death, Emperor Hanzhang succeeded him. Although Emperor Hanzhang was not the birth of Ma, but he was carefully raised and raised by the Ma, so the relationship between them was deep and Ma was respected as his queen mother. Ma became the Empress Dowager and wrote the life record of Emperor Hamming. In the process of writing, she also deliberately deleted the fact that her brother had served Emperor Hanming, who was at risk. The reason was not to let future generations know that Emperor Hamming was close to the concubine s family, in order to damage Diwei. After one year in the throne, Emperor Hanzhang tried to seal Ma s three brothers as Hou, but was severely rejected by Ma. She believed that foreign relatives would be bad for the court and the country.

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