Balingkang Seminar Held to Discover the History of Contact between Ancient Bali and China

China Overseas Network, December 6. According to the Chinese Consulate General in Denpasar, the Balingkang seminar has recently opened at Bali International Vocational College. The purpose of the seminar was to use Balingkang as a clue to explore and organize the history of ancient Bali and China exchanges and to promote mutual understanding and friendship between the people of the two countries.

Balingkang refers to Bali myth Balingkang. It tells the love story of the Chinese girl Jiang Jingwei and the king of Bali Chaya Pongus. It has gradually been interpreted as a myth and has been circulated among the people of Bali. Balingkang also refers to Balingkang village in central Bali and a temple there. According to legend, it is the place where the story takes place.

In the opening speech, Consul General Gou Haodong said that next year will be the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Indonesia. It is very meaningful to hold the Balingkang seminar in this context. Balingkang, which has been circulating for nearly a thousand years and is believed by the Balinese people, belongs not only to the Balinese people, the Indonesian people, but also the Chinese people.

Imprint Bali s religious customs, rural regulations and customs, architectural styles, farming methods, living and eating, and Chinese imprints can be seen everywhere. What happened and who happened behind all this? Are all cultural and historical treasures to be tested. He encouraged Chinese and Indonesian scholars to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen exchanges, collide with ideas, and deeply explore the historical origins of the exchanges between Bali and China. He hoped that in the future, this beautiful story will be more widely spread through film and television and other modern methods, making it a Bali tourism A brand.

Jay Bali Vice Governor Ajie said that Bali and China have a long history of interaction. Chinese culture has been deeply rooted in the religion and daily life of the Balinese people. For hundreds of years, Chinese people have made important contributions to the economic development and social harmony of Bali. The rapid growth of Chinese tourists has also promoted the prosperity and development of Bali s tourism. The people of Bali should be grateful to consolidate and inherit this precious friendship. He wished the seminar a fruitful outcome and enhanced the brotherhood of the two peoples through cultural exchanges. He said that he had just returned from visiting China and watched the large-scale outdoor performance Impression of the West Lake in Hangzhou. I believe that Balingkang will be presented to tourists in such a gorgeous form in the future.

The seminar was jointly organized by the Bali Branch of the Baijia Association, the Chinese Federation of Bali Branch, and the Bali Cultural Association. The seminar lasted for two days and was attended by more than 100 Chinese and Indonesian experts, scholars, teachers and students from universities. Participants shared research results from the perspectives of history, architecture, literature, language, economy and trade, and everyone expressed their opinions freely.

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