Buying tickets during the Chinese Spring Festival

Raiders one

Know yourself and know each other, pay attention to additional and temporary trains

The warfare is clear. The same is true for Spring Festival train tickets. Some basic rules must be clear. In terms of ticket rush time, 12306 website adjusted the ticket sales time in August 2016, and the ticket sales start time was advanced from 7 : 00 to 6:00 every day.

However, the 12306 website and telephone bookings implement different measures for different starting and selling times at different stations. From 8:00 to 18:00, new tickets are available for sale at every hour and half. For example, the ticket sales time for Beijing West Railway Station is 8:00, Shanghai Railway Station is 14:30, Guangzhou Railway Station is 11:00.

Therefore, as long as you are optimistic about the starting station or the specific train number, remember that the earliest starting time of the ticket sale, there is no need to get up 6 o clock to grab the ticket. However, it should be noted that during the Spring Festival transportation period, some trains were temporarily suspended. On these trips, do not rely on usual experience to grab tickets.

I also noticed that a significant feature of the 2017 Spring Festival is that there are more trains or temporary trains. In December, there are announcements of additional trains during the Spring Festival. Everyone may pay more attention. Hundreds of extra tickets will be issued on trains, and the probability of grabbing tickets naturally increases.

Raiders II

60% of the tickets do not need a verification code, and reasonable use of high technology

According to the China Railway Corporation, nearly 60% of the tickets on the 12306 website are no longer required to use the verification code when the tickets are sold, and the passenger s ticket purchasing experience has been greatly improved.

Without the protection of the verification code, is it convenient for the passengers to purchase tickets, but also the software for grabbing tickets? Some netizens said that you don t need to grab ticket software to lose. Contacted a number of ticket-grabbing software companies, all of which remained silent.

The introduction of ticket-grabbing software on the market is generally the same. Take the 360-ticket-grabbing browser as an example. According to the introduction, it can automatically, quickly and accurately identify the verification code. Users can also choose to automatically log in, automatic ticket swipe, and submit orders automatically. I tried out some ticket grabbing software, and the process was smooth and fully automatic.

However, pay attention to information leakage when using ticket-grabbing software, and try to use products from some well-known companies. China Railway Customer Service Center issued an announcement reminding not to purchase tickets through third-party purchasing websites and mobile clients, to avoid the inability to refund or change the ticket online due to fraudulent use of other people s information, which will affect travel.

Raiders III

Detour tickets to avoid direct peaks

Judging from the situation in previous years, direct train tickets between the two places are often sold out. At this time, it may be useful to play a roundabout strategy.

For example, because Beijing-Yinchuan does not have a high-speed rail link, a sleeper ticket is precious. On the 14th, I checked on the website 12306 and found that on January 12, 2017 and a few days ago, there were few Beijing-Yinchuan sleeper tickets, but Shijiazhuang-Yinchuan sleeper tickets were sufficient, and Beijing-Shijiazhuang tickets were very easy At this time, you can go from Beijing to Shijiazhuang and then to Yinchuan.

However, this situation generally takes a long time. If you purchase tickets in advance, the transfer station will set aside more time to avoid being unable to keep up and fail to keep up. If you are temporarily purchasing tickets at the transfer station, you must pay attention to the ticket sales situation to avoid People are on the way without a ticket at the transfer station.

Don t design transit routes? After 2013, many ticketing websites have become very intelligent. For example, when you go to the train ticket booking page of, you can search for the place of departure and destination, and you will be promoted to the four major routes: direct, boarding, ticketing, transit, and nearby routes Type of ride plan.

In addition, telephone booking can also use the detour strategy, if the local booking phone is not available, you can add another city telephone code of the province to try again, and it is best to use a fixed phone.

Raiders IV

It s about to drive! Do n’t worry, go“ leakage ”

According to the China Railway Corporation, according to the rules, refunds are relatively concentrated at time points such as 15 days, 48 ​​hours, and 24 hours before the start of the drive.

From the feedback of netizens, according to experience, in the first few hours before the departure of the train, it is the prime time to leakage.

The main reason is that the 12306 website stipulates that those who have not exchanged a paper ticket and no later than 30 minutes before driving can apply for a refund at the website; there are also some passengers who temporarily refund their tickets because of changes in their itinerary or missed the train; Some scalpers have not sold out after getting tickets, and they will refund the tickets before the train leaves.

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