Can foreigners book high-speed rail tickets online?

Passports for foreigners can be booked on the 12306 website. However, you need to pick up the ticket at the ticket sales window. When you pick up the ticket, you can show the order number and the passport used to purchase the ticket. Tickets can be issued at self-service machines or manual counters at any train station in the country with an ID card. It is recommended to call on the kiosk, and there are many people in the manual queue.

As long as you register in real name on the website of the Ministry of Railways 12306 website, select a ticket after logging in to the website, select the date and train number you want. If there are tickets, the number will be displayed. Click on order, fill in the number of sheets and ID number. You can click on checkout. Enter the online banking payment process. After the payment is successful, there will be an order number and seat information, and you can go to the station to pick up the ticket with the booking ID.

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