Can foreigners register for Alipay in China? Can I transfer money to China after registration?

Yes. After registration, you need to complete the information, it is recommended to apply for a bank card in China. You can register by opening Alipay website or mobile Alipay on your computer.

Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas users apply for personal authentication process

1 Login Alipay account (), click [Account Settings]-[Basic Information]-[Authenticate Now]

2 Enter the authentication page, click [Certify Now]

3 Enter the authentication page and select the country (Figure: Hong Kong, China). Fill in the name, certificate number, certificate validity period, select the date of birth, and click the confirm and submit button below the validity period of the certificate

4 After the completion of the identity information, you can choose the method of bank card verification or face verification

Reminder: At present, face scan authentication only supports Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan users who have a mainland pass.

If you choose bank card authentication, you will enter the card binding page and directly enter the quick binding link:

(1) The card needs to be a card issued in Mainland China

(2) If you need to further complete your identity information and get more account functions, different regions need to upload different credentials:

Taiwan users can provide: Taiwan residents pass to and from the mainland (referred to as Taiwan compatriot card, just submit the basic identity information page)

Overseas users can provide: Passport (submit basic identity information page + entry stamp page when uploading)

Hong Kong and Macao users can provide: Hong Kong and Macau residents passports to and from the Mainland (only basic identity information is required, paper passes or plastic cards are available)

If you select “Face Scan Authentication”, the PC will enter the QR code to guide the APP to scan the face:

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