Cao Cao’s Tombstone

To say about this ancient tomb, whether it is the emperor s prime minister or the ordinary people who have no money, conventionally, there is a monument in front of the tomb, and the monument says XX s tomb. Have you ever established such a monument?

Dont Don t say that, it is well documented. At that time, Cao Cao wrote an article called Langxian Self-Ming Zhiling . In this article, Cao Cao mentioned that his ambition was to wait for his death and set up a monument in Shinto. I have prepared it myself. What is it called? It is called the tomb of Cao Hou, general of the Western Zheng Dynasty. This is the tenth year of Jian an, which means 210 years. However, before Cao Cao was dying, more than a year before Jianan was 25 years old, that is, when Jianan was 23 years old, Cao Cao issued another order. He said that after he died, he would be buried in a time service. And there must be no trees on the tomb. What does it mean to not seal a tree? That is to say, there is no mound, and there are no iconic buildings. Well, if Cao Cao s last words were carefully executed, as mentioned in folklore and novels, it is questionable that some people saw the monument in Cao Cao s tomb.

But at the time of the Han Dynasty and the Wei and Jin Dynasties there was indeed a small wooden tombstone in the tomb. At the beginning of the 20th century, Mr. Deng Zhicheng, a professor at Peking University, once wrote a book called Bone Dong Suo Ji . According to his records in the book, it was true that a fellow from Shici County got the monument and there was Cixian. County of Bali. However, the author did not go to see it himself, so it is unknown what happened later. Judging from these two things, whether Cao Cao has set up a tombstone for himself has now become a pending case.

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