Chen Shubao was the last emperor of the Northern and Southern Dynasties. How did he die after the death of Chen Guo?

As the emperor, Chen Shubao, the emperor, couldn t get along with Mingjun. He had no political achievements in his life. He was a beautiful woman and loved Zhang Lihua. Chen Shubao is

588 In 588, Emperor Sui Wen sent Yang Guang to fight against Chen Guo in an all-round way. Chen Shubao felt that he had royal spirit and was not ready to defend. The following year, General Su Ruojun used the plan to confuse Chen Jun, causing Chen Jun to retreat in a row, Chen Shubao panicked, and let Shi Wenqing handle government affairs.

国 Chen Guojun was in a desperate situation. Chen Shubao used a long snake array in the crisis and was hit hard by the Sui army. Among the people sent out was Lu Guangda. Chen Shubao listened to Ren Zhong s words, thinking that he would give his life to protect himself. Who knew that when Sui Jun attacked, Ren Zhong surrendered immediately and guided Han Qinhu directly to Suzakumen. Chen Shubao was frightened. He took the people from the harem to the dry well in Jingyang Hall, was caught by the Sui army who came to investigate, and Chen Guo was destroyed.

After the capture, Chen Shubao, the host of Chen Hou, was not removed by Emperor Sui Wen, but he treated him kindly and gave him a reward. Since then, Chen Shubao has not changed the nature of greed for pleasure, and he does not know the pain of dying. In 604 AD, Chen Shubao died of illness. That year, he was fifty-two years old and lived longer than his brothers and sisters.

Although everyone is recognized for his death, there are also posterity who feel strange, that Chen Shubao s death has something to do with Sui Yangdi. Chen Shubao died the same year after Emperor Sui Wen died, when Emperor Sui Yang had already ascended the throne. Emperor Sui Yun once led troops to destroy Chen Guo. He was hostile to Chen Shubao and had to cause conjecture.

After the capture, Chen Shubao, the master of Chen, could not see the sadness after being captured. He was drunk almost all day long. Emperor Sui was also good to him. He gave him a generous reward. When he met a big banquet , he would be called to him, and he was also asked not to play Chen Guo s music in front of him.

叔 Chen Shubao asked Emperor Sui Wen to give him an official so that he could have a reputation in the dynasty. Emperor Sui Wen lamented that Chen Shubao was really careless and he ignored him. I don t know if Chen Shubao is pretending to be stupid. In any case, Sui Wendi didn t feel his threat and didn t kill him.

It is said that Chen Shubao s younger sister, Mrs. Xuanhua, was favored by Emperor Sui Wen and was able to preserve Chen Shubao. However, this statement is not credible. When Chen Guo died, Mrs. Xuanhua was still very small, and she was taken to be a maid of the court.

Chen Shubao, the post-Chen lord, was a drowsy monarch in the Southern Dynasty. It was not easy for the throne to come, but he did not fight hard, and he was lethargic. It is ridiculous that he did not forget to bring his favorite concubine when he fled from his country, and after the country he still lived a life of drunken dreams, and finally died in a foreign land. Chen Shubao s no heart performance made Sui Wendi assured of him and he finally died .

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