Compared with the unfair death of Yue Fei by Qin Yue, Yue Fei has one more thing than this.

Some people think that Qin Yue should not kneel to Yue Fei for so many years, because even if there were no Qin Yue, Yue Fei would surely die! Today we do not talk about this. Let s talk about Yue Fei s woman . Yue Fei had 2 women in her life, The first woman actually abandoned Yue Fei, and found him happy! A generation of heroes have encountered marriage misfortunes? What I want to say today is her.

According to historical records, Yue Fei s wife Liu s wife remarried twice, Yue Yun and Yue Lei were raised by grandmother Mrs. Yao. Great hero Yue Fei, who is lucky enough to have such a husband from heaven, even Although it is hard, even cold Kiln alone is also lucky and happy. Sorry Liu, what else do you want?

Xun Yuefei married his wife Liu at the age of 16 and was born to Yue Yun the next year, and to Yue Lei 7 years later. Later, Yue Fei took part in the blood to join the army of King Qin of Song Dynasty, and he gave his old mother to Liu s care. After he left, Liu even abandoned his mother immediately and remarried to another person. He also married twice in a row. This humiliation was always remembered by Yue Fei. Since then no one dared to mention Liu s family in Yue s family, as if Liu family never appeared in Yue s family.

In 1141 (11th year of Shaoxing), he was accused of treason and was put in Lin an Dali Temple (the original site is near the current Hangzhou Xiaoche Bridge). Supervise Yu Shi personally torture and torture, forcing Yue Fei to confess. On the Lunar New Year s Eve of the eleventh year of Shaoxing, he was specially gifted to death by Zhao Gou and killed in Lin an Dali Temple. He was only 39 years old. Before dying, he wrote eight big characters Tianzhaozhao, Tianzhaozhao on the confession. This is a cry of indignation!

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