Do foreigners pay taxes in China?

China does not treat Americans particularly, so its wages are not particularly high. Some Americans work in China for only three to four thousand yuan, some hundreds of thousands of yuan, and some over ten million yuan. There isn ta certain amount, it depends on the ability, it depends on the salary the company pays to Americans.

So, what is the salary standard for foreigners, including Americans? It is reported that there are two cases of foreigners wages in China: 1. If the foreigners apply directly for work in China, the same pay for the same work; 2. If the foreigners are stationed in China, they will be paid according to foreign standards And there are various subsidies related to business trips. So, do you have to pay taxes?

It is reported that an individual who has no residence in China and has lived in China for a continuous or cumulative period of not more than 90 days in a tax year, or an individual who has been in China for a continuous or cumulative period of not more than 183 days during the period specified in the tax agreement The income derived from the income in China is paid by an overseas employer and is not borne by the employer in the institutions and places in China, and is exempt from personal income tax.

Of course, not all income earned by foreigners working in China is not taxable. This is conditional, and tax concessions must be met if the above conditions are met. In fact, working in China requires compliance with Chinese laws. Paying taxes is a legal obligation in China, and foreigners are no exception. They also need to pay taxes.

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