Does Cao Cao have the heart of emperor? Why did Sun Quan and Liu Bei both become emperors, but he did not.

First named Emperor (220 years); Liu Bei continued the Han Dynasty and became Emperor the following year; Sun Quan was named Emperor in 229. Some people also said that Cao Cao once said,

In this regard, the hunter carefully studied the Wei Wuji of The Three Kingdoms. In fact, Chen Shou s Three Kingdoms did not have a clear record in the original text. Even the sentence If the fate is in me, I am the king of Zhou Wen is not written by Chen Shou. It can also be understood that after all, Chen Shou s book respects Cao, so it is normal to have no relevant records. However, there are richer records in Pei Songzhi s notes (songs of the Southern Song Dynasty, which basically included the notes of the Three Kingdoms).

In the note, Pei Songzhi said: Wei Lue recorded that Sun Quan persuaded Cao Cao to be the emperor, and Cao Cao said to all his officials that Yu Eryu wants me to be evil in the fire! He grilled on the fire. The ministers took the opportunity to persuade. No following. Wei Lue is recorded by Wei Chaochen and has high authenticity.

Wei s Spring and Autumn records that Xiahou Xun persuaded Cao Cao to be the emperor. Cao Cao said the famous If the fate is in me, I am the king of Zhou Wen. Wei s Spring and Autumn was written by Sun Sheng in the middle of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. It mainly records the affairs of Wei Kingdom. Peisong refers to his words and has high credibility.

Cao Hidden Biography and Wei Jin Shi Yu both recorded Xi Xie persuades the king to take the throne, Xia Hou Xuan thinks that it is appropriate to destroy Shu first, and Shu to death is Wu Fu. The two parties are established, and then follow the Shun and Yu tracks, and Wang Congzhi. As soon as Wang Yan, Xun chased the hatred foreword, and died. That is to say, Xun Xuan persuaded Cao Cao to be the emperor. Xia Hou Xuan believed that Shu should be destroyed first, and Shu died when Wu died. Cao Cao obeyed Xia Houyi s opinion. When Cao Cao died, Xia Houyi repented and felt that it was time to let Cao Cao take office. From this record, we can see that Cao Cao really has his own heart. However, Sun Sheng commented that the record in Wei Jin Shi Yu was inconsistent with Xi Jie and Xia Houyi s consistent views and was not credible. In addition, Cao Hou Chuan was written by Soochow people. This book blindly devalues ​​Cao Cao, otherwise the word Cao Hou will not be used, and the cre dibility is low.

Brother Li Xun believes that Cao Cao himself is not the emperor, and it is most likely that his son will be the emperor. Cao Cao has always been a self-proclaimed Hanchen, and has repeatedly stated that he is working hard for ZTE in the Han Dynasty. He also said that if he was not Cao Cao, I don t know how many people would call the king emperor. If Cao Cao really became emperor himself, he would indeed slap his face, so he insisted on being Han Chen in the end. In addition, when Cao Cao died, Cao Yu usurped Han as the emperor. It can be seen that it was planned for his son to be the emperor.

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