How did Queen Chai meet Guo Wei, and what kind of position did she occupy in Guo Wei’s heart?

There are countless people named Guo Wei in this world, but few are famous. There used to be a person named Guo Wei who was honored as the top of the Ninth Five-Year Plan and enjoyed the highest status. This person is the famous Zhou Taizu Guo Wei. Today we come to recall this great man and see how Guo Wei made his way He became the emperor of the Zhou dynasty.

Guo Wei was born in a family in Hebei Province. At that time, the historical process was at the end of the Tang Dynasty. He lost his father at an early age and lived with his mother for only a few years. The mother also died of overwork and was adopted by distant relatives until he grew up. It can be said that Guo Wei s childhood was quite unpleasant. When he lost his parents love in the early years, he tried hard all over the world at a young age .

After growing up, Guo Wei was burly and good at Xi Wu. Later he was fancy by Li Jitao and was intentionally cultivated by Li Jitao. From then on, besides Xi Wu, he could also have the opportunity to learn literacy. The whole person also gradually matured. Knowing the art of war also laid a solid foundation for Guo Wei s later great cause.

Later, Guo Wei was fancyd again by Liu Zhiyuan, and made an extremely important contribution to the development and expansion of Liu Zhiyuan s forces. Guo Wei persuaded Liu Zhiyuan to become king and became the emperor of the late Han Dynasty. After Liu Zhiyuan s death, Guo Weifeng s widow became the first emperor s orphan minister to assist the late Han Dynasty. Emperor, when Guo Wei s military achievements were too high, he became a master of Gong Gao s cover, was suspected by the new emperor, and even assassinated by people sent by the new emperor. Guo Wei was forced to helplessly and had to fight against it. The Later Zhou Dynasty became the first emperor of the Later Zhou Dynasty.

Guo Wei, born in Ichii, is an out-of-pocket market citizen. What kind of adventure did he experience before he could become the first emperor of the post-Zhou dynasty? When Guo Wei was in his robe, he had What do you think, is it a long-awaited or helpless move? Did Guo Wei s yellow robe add the original intention behind him and still serve the country and the people with all his heart?

The first watershed was Guo Wei s teenage life. The frustrations at that time did not defeat Guo Wei, but inspired his own potential, concentrated on studying martial arts, and achieved certain achievements on martial arts.

The second watershed was Guo Wei s career in the army. As an adult, Guo Wei entered the army by coincidence. Because of his outstanding performance, he was highly appreciated by the commander at the time. When he was in the army, he could have the opportunity to learn Chinese characters, learn military methods, Set up, let him rise to become a leader of the army.

Guo Guowei, as an assistant minister, played a vital role in Liu Zhiyuan s career as emperor. After Liu Zhiyuan ascended the throne, he also relied heavily on Guo Wei, and there was no suspicion between the monarchs and the officials. However, with the death of Liu Zhiyuan, his son inherited the throne. His history was called the Emperor. The Emperor was inferior to Liu Zhiyuan.

I can say that Guo Wei s yellow robe is similar to Song Taizu s experience is very similar, they were forced to nowhere to retreat, his support and achieved his emperor status. After becoming an emperor, Guo Wei did not relax at all . He still adhered to the meticulousness and care for the country before the emperor, and cared for the people.

Guo Wei, as a generation of emperors, how many beauties are there in his harem? How did the Queen Chai meet Guo Wei and what position did she occupy in Guo Wei s heart? Was Guo Wei s favorite person in this life the Queen Chai? See how the road of love between Guo Wei and Queen Chai is known, promised and accompanied.

After Chai Chai, his family was strong and his parents had a little power. At that time, in order to enrich the harem, Tang Zhuangzong accepted the concubine, and Chai was selected to be included in the palace as concubine. However, Tang Zhuangzong was impotent and was assassinated to death. Li Jiuyuan led his troops into the Pingding rebellion, dismissed the maids and concubines around Tang Zhuangzong from their palaces, and went on their own way. After Chai, although he was once the concubine of Tang Zhuangzong in the name, in fact, because of his short time in the palace, he was not favored by Zhuang Zong, but he was still a pure and innocent daughter.

After returning to Chai s home, Cui saw Guo Wei in a chance encounter and thought that this person was extraordinary. Regardless of his parents opposition, he insisted on marrying Guo Wei away from his family and became Guo Wei s first wife. When Guo Wei was young, his family was impoverished, and the family s life was almost entirely dependent on the post-Chai operation. To a certain extent, the post-Chai Wei took care of Guo Wei very well. Furthermore, the reuse of Guo Wei after the firewood was not limited to life, but extended to Chaotang. The reason why Guo Wei was relied on by Liu Zhiyuan was because of the assistance of Chai Hou.

After Chai Chai, after all, she was born as a lady, and lived in the palace for some time, so she also has her own unique insights into the politics of the country. Whenever Guo Wei is in a dilemma, he can give pointers to one or two to help Guo Wei solve his problems.

郭 When Guo Wei ascended the throne, the Chai Queen had already passed away, but Guo Wei still made her the Queen, and he was the only queen. It can be seen that Guo Wei s deep feelings for Chai Queen, and the love between Guo Wei and Queen Chai also moved countless people.

Guo Wei, Emperor Taizu of the late Zhou Dynasty. As the founding emperor of the following week, how many Guo Wei s sons are there? How did they meet? After Guo Wei s death, which one of Guo Wei s sons inherited his unification and became the new generation of emperor of the Zhou dynasty? Please follow Let s go and see it together.

As we all know, Guo Wei s first wife is Tang Zhuangzong s concubine, Chai. Since Chai married and Guo Wei as his wife, he has been helping his husband with one heart. Guo Wei s career path has indeed become smoother and smoother. Guo Wei s treatment of Chai is also the love of husband and wife. He is very fancy about this wife. Guo Wei has only this wife in his life. Chai also reproduced offspring for Guo Wei, gave birth to two sons and a daughter, and adopted for Guo Wei. With a son, that is Chai Rong.

Elder Chai Rong was born and died following Guo Wei s birth. After the reign of Emperor Han Yin, a generation of emperors and courtiers was excellent in the eyes of the father of the Emperor Liu Zhiyuan. The capable Guo Wei became a nail and a thorn in the eyes of the Emperor. He wanted to remove Guo Wei quickly and become the Emperor. When the heart was in danger, the wife of Chao Zhong Guo Wei, the sons Guo Guo, and Guo Xin were killed together. At the same time, Chai Rong s child was also killed.

Old Guo Wei, his only sons and daughters in his life were all killed by the Emperor Han Yin. The hatred in his heart was beyond words. In the later period, he became an independent monk and became the first emperor of the later Zhou Dynasty . Nafei can no longer have children, only Chai Rong is the adopted son.

Although Chai Rong was an adoptive son, he was extremely filial to Guo Wei, and Wen Tao and Martial Arts were all omnipresent. He also established military authority in the army, and achieved great success. After Guo Wei s death, the throne naturally passed on to Chai Rong, Chai Rong eventually lived up to his father Guo Wei s expectations and became a good emperor who loved the government.

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