If Emperor Chongzhen used these three well, the Ming Dynasty would last at least fifty years.

The emperor was just as sad. Indeed, the seventeen years of Emperor Chongzheng s reign was the seventeenth year of his hard work; he hated corruption, and at the beginning of his ascension, he swept away the puppet clique of Wei Zhongxian in a furious manner; he was even more ambitious to resurrect Daming and regain Liaodong. For this reason, he lives frugally, stays away from women, and works hard and loves the people.

Some people say that this is due to the general situation. This is reasonable, but it is not necessarily true. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, which also had internal and external problems, Hong Xiuquan s Taiping Heavenly Kingdom controlled the Jiangnan region in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River for more than a decade. Compared with the generations of Li Zicheng and Zhang Xianzhong, it s unknown how much stronger. The powerful force of industrial civilization. And the highest ruler of the Qing Dynasty , whether it is Xianfeng or Cixi, their personal qualities and conduct cannot be compared with Chongzhen. But the Qing dynasty was able to maintain its rule in the storms for nearly 60 years!

And Why is this? The key lies in the use of people! Although Xianfeng and Cixi are arrogant and extravagant, they dare to let Han people such as Zeng Guofan Li Hongzhang hold heavy soldiers and go boldly. As a result, Hong Xiuquan was wiped out more than ten years after the capital was established in Nanjing. After that, although there were peasant uprisings such as the Nian Army and the Boxer Rebellion, they did not have a fundamental impact on the Qing Dynasty.

Although Chongzheng is diligent, he is skeptical and has a radical personality. Before his death, Chongzhen Emperor said, The ministers mistake me! But he didn t understand until he died. It wasn t the ministers who really missed Ming, but his Chongzhen Emperor.

I carefully combed through the 17 years of the Chongzhen Dynasty, and there were many good men and men such as Yuan Chonghuan, Sun Chengzong, Sun Yuanhua, Zheng Chongjian, Sun Chuanting, and Lu Xiangsheng. Among them, Yuan Chonghuan, Sun Chuanting and Lu Xiangsheng are considered to be the three most powerful celebrities in the Chongzhen Dynasty. If Emperor Chongzhen used these three well, it would not imply that the dynasty will be permanent, at least for the next 50 years of the Ming Dynasty.

Yuan Chonghuan, who was awarded the gold medal after the Ningyuan World War that year, and the leader Nurhachi died because of injuries. The Guanning Tieqi he founded became the only Ming dynasty army that could directly confront the Eight Banners of the Manchu dynasty. Huang Taiji regarded Yuan Chonghuan as his biggest opponent to the south, and he had to get rid of Yuan Chonghuan for his country and home. However, Emperor Chongzhen destroyed the Great Wall by himself and executed Yuan Chonghuan Ling late. Since Chonghuan died, no one would benefit from his side.

象 Lu Xiangsheng, despite being a scholar, is both civil and military. In the second year of Chongzhen (1629), the Qing soldiers made a foul. The Beijing division called the police. The less than 30-year-old prefect government Lu Xiangsheng led a recruited 10,000 people s group to rise to the army, and the Qing soldiers retreated.

After that, Lu Xiang was promoted to defend against the Qing soldiers and trained in Changping, Daming, and Xingtai. After three years, he finally trained an elite, which is known as one of the three elites in the late Ming Dynasty. From the sixth year of Chongzhen, Lu Xiangsheng led his Tianxiong Army to fight in the north and south, supervising civil strife, defeating Li Zicheng, Gao Yingxiang, Zhang Xianzhong and other departments, and became the Lu King that made the volunteers tremble.

When Lu Xiangsheng chased the rebels in Liyang, Hubei, he heard the Qing soldiers attacked again, and was forced by the Emperor Chongzhen to go north to resist the Qing. As a result, he lost a good opportunity to wipe out the rebels. After Lu Xiangsheng left, the rebels developed rapidly and could no longer be subdued.

But when Lu Xiangsheng led the Tianxiong Army north to fight against the Qing, he divided his military power due to Chongzhen s suspicion, and Yang Jichang secretly mischieved and transferred more than 20,000 elites, leaving Lu Xiangsheng with only 5,000 old and weak soldiers. Emperor Chongzhen did not understand the truth, but thought that Lu Xiangsheng flinched and feared the enemy, forcing him to fight. As a result, he was surrounded by a small number of soldiers and died in Hebei. Only 39 years old.

Sun Chuanting, a native of Dai County, Shanxi Province, is a talented person and has many strategies. He once served as the official ministry minister, resigned and returned to his hometown due to dissatisfaction with Wei Zhongxian s dictatorship. In the nine years of Chongzhen (1636, Sun Chuanting invited the governor of Shaanxi to destroy the peasant army. Sun Chuanting trained a elite Ming Dynasty in Yulin, named Qin Army.

The Qin Army was the Qin Army, who set up and annihilated Gao Xiangxiang in the black water of Ziwu Valley, and captured the Chuang Chuang who was once the strongest leader of the peasant uprising in the late Ming Dynasty. Since then, Li Zicheng has been hit hard in Tongguan, Shaanxi, and Li Zicheng took only 18 people to flee. However, the famous man who made great achievements for the peasant army was dismissed from prison by Chongzhen Emperor for the crime of Jiaojiao, which made Li Zicheng sit up.

Twenty-three years later, when Emperor Chongzhen was unavailable, he thought of releasing Sun Chuanting in the prison. But Sun Chuanting, who has only 5,000 newly recruited soldiers in his hand, believes that with these recruits without combat experience, Li Zicheng s army of 500,000 can not be dealt with at all. He can only stay at Tongguan. As long as the Tongguan is not lost, Shaanxi will be able to keep the peasant uprising opportunity.

But Chongzhen, who was impatient and furious, issued a series of letters to urge Sun Chuanting to fight at Tongguan. Knowing that he was going to die, Sun Chuanting had to lead his army to go out of the customs, and the whole army was overwhelmed. Sun Chuanting rode into the enemy array alone and marched his country. After Sun Chuanting donated his body to the country, Chongzhen was suspected of swindling to death. His family had no pension and no nickname.

In this way, Sun Chuanting, the last trump card in Ming Ting s hands, was also used by Emperor Chongzhi. As soon as Sun Chuanting died, there were no more soldiers in the garrison capable of peasant forces. Therefore, the History of the Ming Dynasty has the saying that the court died and the Ming Dynasty died.

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