In addition to the echo wall in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, a Wang Ye grave also appeared.

The Nine Kings Tomb also has an echo wall. We all know that the Temple of Heaven has an echo wall, and the Changxi Mausoleum in the Western Tombs of the Qing Dynasty has an echo wall. No one would have thought that there was an echo wall in Beijing s Jiuwang Tomb. This is what I discovered on November 26, 2016. The situation is this: I visited the tomb of Jiuwang for the second time with four Qingling enthusiasts on this day. For the first time, because the gate was locked, no gatekeeper was found and he could not enter the hospital. He only inspected a hole outside. Arch bridge, stele pavilion, left and right compartments and gates. This time, we focused on the buildings in the courtyard.

Who are the nine kings? It is necessary to briefly introduce them first. The Nine Kings is the ninth son of Emperor Daoguang Yiyi, and he is the youngest son of Emperor Daoguang. Born in Daoguang for twenty-five years, the biological mother is the imperial consort of Zhuangshun, and is the same mother and brother with Prince Yi Yi and Zhong Jun Wang Yi Yi. He was named King of Fu County during his lifetime. He died in Guangxu for three years and was 33 years old. Because it ranks ninth, it is commonly called the Nine Kings, and his garden bed is also called the Nine Kings Tomb. After Yi s death, his garden was built by the court according to the Prince s garden regulations.

Located in the south of Caochang Village, Sujiayu Town, Haidian District, Beijing, Fuyuan Jing County is composed of a hole arch bridge, stele pavilion, left and right box houses, main hall, mooring, and treasure roof, surrounded by a red wall . The courtyard is round in the front and back, that is to say the back half of the courtyard is arc-shaped, which is called the ring circle wall. The inner side of the courtyard is 64 meters wide and 20 cm wide . The echo wall found this time is the inside of the ring wall. At the scene, we repeatedly experimented. If we spoke softly at one end of the Luoquan wall, we could hear the voice clearly at the other end of 64 meters. The echo effect was stronger than that of the Tiantan Echo Wall and Changxi Mausoleum Echo Wall. At the same time, you can hear a louder sound than the original when you stomp or shout at the step in front of Baoding, but the echo effect is worse than that of Changxi Mausoleum. There are many trees in the backyard, blockin g the transmission of sound. If these trees are removed, the echo effect is certainly strong. The discovery of the echo wall of the Nine Kings Tomb should be said to be an important discovery, which is of great significance for studying the sound transmission of buildings and developing tourism in Beijing.

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