Lan Yan is also miserable: a rumor of Han Zigao killed a dynasty

According to Shi Zai, Han Zigao beautiful in appearance, beautiful in white and white, like a beautiful woman. She slaps her head with her hair, naturally looks her eyebrows, and sees the crowd, all words describing women are concentrated on him . Unfortunately, his life was very bad, and he made a living by making shoes.

During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, there were scholars and Dais. He could only be regarded as the Dais. At the time, he was a farmer and a merchant, and his status as a small craftsman was even more humble. Fortunately, Liu Bei learned Zhang Fei and Guan Yu by selling straw shoes, and also achieved a great cause. Han Zigao can be described as extraordinary, so he is destined to make a difference-not to mention talent, it is entirely possible to rely on face value alone .

When Han Zigao was 15 years old, he always worked and climbed into high branches.

Han Zigao was originally a Shanyin in Hueiji. In 552 AD, the end of the Hou Jing rebellion, it was still the Liang Dynasty. The Chen Dynasty had not yet yet been established. Han Manzi lived in Kyoto (now Nanjing). The next year , Hou Jing s chaos subsided, and Han Manzi, perhaps deeply aware of the pain caused by the war, decided to return to his hometown to start a business with a large army. Coincidentally, when Chen Qian, then the eunuch Wu Xingshou saw his beautiful appearance and looked like a woman, he asked him, Will you mix with me?

Government meal is the dream of most people, so Han Manzi readily agreed to Chen Qian, became his personal knife guard, and was also responsible for wine and other tasks. It was just that Chen Qian thought the name Barbarian was awful , so she changed his name to Zi Gao.

Besides, Chen Qian is an acute person, and the people under him are very uncomfortable with his fast pace, but Han Zigao is very good at figuring out his mind. When he just tells the matter, Han Zigao has done it properly-this is of course his Be prepared.

Seeing him so sensible, Chen Qian made him learn to ride and shoot. At that time, the north and the south were not unified, and the three powers confronted each other. It was natural that Chen Qian wanted him to learn martial arts in order to build his career.

Two years later, Han Zigao followed Chen Qian to fight Du Xi, and he showed his skills in the army. Chen Qian then equipped Han Zigao with some soldiers and soldiers, and let him be his own.

He is only 17 or 8 years old, which is equivalent to the current high school graduation age, and he started his career at that time. Of course, he was able to show his might, and there might be another reason. The enemy saw that he was beautiful, he was reluctant to kill him, and some even stared straight.

According to Shi Zai, The soldiers waved their blades in a row, and they could not bear it anymore, and even more of them came out. It means that the enemy s butcher knives have been raised high, but they are reluctant to even start, or even directly Throw away the blade in your hand.

This Hanzi Gao Ke doesn t care so much, and kills the enemy while he is guilty of fancy.

The next year, they calmed down Du Fu, and Han Zigao pursued Zhang Biao with Chen Qian. He again performed the beautiful tactics and soon defeated Zhang Biao.

This is really rich and powerful. Chen Qian handed over more soldiers to Han Zigao s management, which shows that he has been promoted from company commander to commander and even division commander. Anyway, officials are getting bigger and bigger.

During that period, Chen Qian was moved by Wu Xingtai Shou to better Hueiji Taishou because of her martial arts. Chen Baxian ascended the throne due to his sole power and the abolition of Emperor Liang Jing. As a nephew of Emperor Wu, Chen Qian was young and promising, and was highly regarded, and was established as the king of Linchuan.

In 559 AD, Chen Ba died first, and after a palace fight in the palace, Chen Qian was finally called back to let him become emperor, and he was Chen Wendi.

Because of this, Han Zigao was promoted and was awarded the right general. Of course, success is by no means an accident. Yan Yan can never catch up with talent. In the process of Chen Qian s establishment of the emperor s hegemony , Han Zigao was obviously his assistant.

In the year against Zhang Biao, Chen Qian suffered a night attack and fled in a hurry, but there was no one around him, and only Han Zigao was on the side, so he had to let him engage in countermeasures. Han Zigao also did not humiliate his mission, which caused Zhang Biao s army to be in chaos, and he did not know whether he used hidden rules ? Judging from the interaction between Han Zigao and Chen Qian, it is not ruled out that he used this strategy.

Therefore, when we prevent Hongyan from becoming a scourge, we must also beware of Lanyan as a scourge. However, when we are attacking the enemy, we are directing the scourge to the enemy, which is in our favor.

Chen Qian is an acute child, while Han Zigao s personality is respectful. According to the current formulation, the two are somewhat complementary. Whenever two people live together for a long time, they will inevitably have some emotions, but the opposite sex is normal in the world, and the same sex is a bit abnormal, but according to the current network language, The opposite sex is for the reproduction of future generations, and only true love is between the same sex. At that time, there was also true love between Chen Qian and Han Zigao.

Han Zi is hot and soft, and naturally plays the role of female, but he is not reconciled. After all, he is also a man and needs a woman.

As early as the Liang Dynasty, Sima Wang Seng Bian was the first martial artist in the dynasty, and Chen Baxian could only be ranked second. Wang Seng Bian and Chen Baxian formed an in-laws in order to strengthen their union.

Han Zigao s Gossip: Men and Women Take All

However, when Chen Baxian s daughter saw Han Zigao, she became jealous and abandoned her wealth and wanted to have a private relationship with Han Zigao. Naturally, Han Zigao knew that the consequences of this act would be serious, and he would not dare .

However, the lady forcibly had an improper relationship with Han Zigao, and even stole a large amount of her jewellery from her family as a gift, accompanied by a poem Tuan Fan as a sentiment.

At this time Han Zigao s petty-bourgeois consciousness came out. He actually spoiled and bullied the Wang family, and the matter passed to the monk s ears. He decided to terminate the marriage contract and naturally Chen Baxian knew the truth of the matter. Chen Ba did not reflect on himself first, but also decided to pre-emptively kill the monk s argument. Since then, he has been the first person in the Central China. This also makes sense for later replacing Emperor Liang Jing.

Han Zigao s gossip brought about the demise of Liang Chao and the establishment of Chen Chao. This kind of historical fact that the dynasty was subverted by homosexuality is also unique in Chinese history.

But after all, Chen Qian and Han Zigao have a leg. How can they allow others to share a piece of cake? Not even a cousin! When he summoned Han Zigao, Han Zigao naturally did not dare to see him. Fortunately, Chen Qian only has deep love for Han Zigao, and there is no such thing as hate. He does not blame Han Zigao.

After Chen Baxian s daughter knew her male pet was her cousin s female pet, she was furious. Chen Baxian died when the emperor died only three years ago. I wonder if it was because his daughter was suffocated with anger?

But Han Zigao s misfortune finally spilled on him. However, by chance, uncle Chen Qian, Uncle Dafa s death, actually took the gun from the uncle. He did not forget to dig wells and still reused Han Zigao.

If Han Zi had avoided Gao but did not see Chen Qian at that time, he wanted to have a relationship between superiors and subordinates, but after all, he was also a court official, and he dared to resist Chen Qian. Since Chen Qian became emperor, he still reuses him. Han Zigao may never dare to go beyond the rules, or he may have discovered through conscience that he has made many contributions to his career and has been promoted many times.

In 560 AD, Wang Lin invaded the gate, and Zi Gao stayed in Weitai City, and soon he was calmed down. Han Zi Gao was also named Viscount of Wenzhao County. In the second year, Han Zi Gao Qian moved out to serve as a regular scout, general Zhuang Wu, and Cheng Zhou. Han Zi surpassed the expedition and stayed away. He rode into the enemy s battlefield and hurt his neck.

This shows that the beautiful beauty cannot be used as food. There are always people like Jiao Da in Dream of Red Mansions. If you don t appreciate the beauty, this kind of person will only destroy the beauty.. Han Zigao also made deep reflections during the healing period, and finally settled the difference in the third year. He was also awarded a holiday, general Qian Zhenyi, and Dongyang eunuch.

Two years later, in 564 AD, Han Zigao was ordered to slay Chen Baoying. Due to his introspection, Chen Baoying broke down in November of that year. Han Zigao also moved to the regular scooter due to his merit. One year later, Han Zi Gao Zheng was General Right Guard, and he arrived at Kyoto, the town s leading government house. At this point, his official movement was considered to be extremely extreme.

(6) Death of Hanzi Gao, a pseudo-mother

Blessings have always depended on one another. If you think of a Qiang who is not seen by the clan, it has become a hot character in just a few years, and men and women take it all. Envy and hate. Maybe Han Zigao is too confident that no one can do anything except Chen Qian, so he usually doesn t care about other people s feelings except to experience Chen Qian s feelings. Finally, bad things came, and a sickness struck Chen Qian.

Objectively speaking, Han Zigao has done his best and delivered medicine to Chen Qian Duan Shui for a moment. Chen Qian also had a great deal of trust in Han Zigao. The grand palace was closed to everyone, and only Han Zigao was guarding him inside . This situation is a bit similar to the days before the Emperor Qianlong s collapse, and only the concubine could read him. Chen Qian was also very ill. He didn t know that all this had laid the bane on Han Zigao.

Soon after, Chen Qian died, Bo Zong took office, and Chen Yi joined the army. He moved Han Zigao as a regular rider, and was still a general on the right. He moved to the Xin an Temple. At this time he was 28 years old, and Confucius once said that thirties stand, which means that a person should be sensible when he is about 30 years old.

Han Zigao naturally saw that the situation was becoming more and more unfavorable to him. However, under the command of the sky, there must be no monarch. If he wanted to escape to other countries to apply for political asylum, he had to be patient. Further, he still had the idea in his mind that his promotion was not entirely based on hue, but on the basis of steady and excellent fighting skills.

At that time, I had a leg with Chen Baxian s daughter. For this reason, I had also defeated Chen Qian, and the result was normal. It was the so-called overconfidence that killed someone, and his misfortune finally came to him .

The following year, in August 567, the former army chief of the Shangyu County Lu Han and Han Zigao s military leaders indicted Han Zigao s rebellion. Soon, Han Zigao was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was thirty years old ( actual age 29).

After the death of Emperor Chen Wendi, Han Zigao lost his strong political backing. He also knew that he had too many soldiers and was easy to be jealous of the new emperor, so he chose to give in. The so-called treason naturally would not hold. Moreover, taking the initiative to hand over power can also be regarded as an explanation to the new emperor. Unfortunately, Lan Yan is also fragile. Han Zigao was eventually executed.

Fortunately, history is fair. The Chen Shu revised by the Sui Dynasty gave Han Zigao an objective evaluation. He was a serious minister and was not included in the courtiers. This was the greatest comfort to the beautiful man.

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