New Year’s Taste from the Tang Dynasty: Compared with the Tang Dynasty, we may have a fake Spring Festival

The Tang Dynasty was inherited from the Sui Dynasty, and the chaotic Southern and Northern Dynasties were replaced by a unified and centralized country. Ancient Chinese civilization, including politics, economy, culture, and society, reached unprecedented heights in the Tang Dynasty. The arrival of the two epochs of the rule of Zhenguan and the prosperous times of the Kaiyuan era pushed the Tang civilization to the peak of the times and became a powerful empire in the world. Du Chang an brings together businessmen and strangers from all walks of life , and the civilization of the Tang Dynasty is full of rivers and rivers. In this era, the Spring Festival, as a representative of traditional Chinese culture, has also ushered in a new height of its development, with rich and colorful customs.

Customs of the Spring Festival in Tang Dynasty

Customs are a mirror of society, reflecting the development of civilization. The Tang Dynasty was the heyday of Chinese civilization, and its Spring Festival custom also bears the mark of its own social development. A glimpse of Leopard, through the Spring Festival customs in the Tang Dynasty, we can better understand the development characteristics of the Tang Dynasty society.

One of the most important activities of the Spring Festival in the Tang Dynasty is the puppet show on New Year s Eve. Nuo Opera has been an important activity of the Spring Festival of the Chinese people since the pre-Qin period of ancient times. From the pre-Qin to the Han and Wei dynasties, the religion of Qiang was very strong, reflecting the worship of religious ghosts and gods during the period of underdeveloped productivity. However, in the Tang Dynasty, although the ceremonies of the puppets were still inherited from the Northern Wei Dynasty, their religious implication weakened with the rapid development of social productive forces. Folk entertainment gradually gained the upper hand, and the original solemn and mysterious ritual was mixed with many relaxed elements. Actions with witchcraft significance were replaced by beautiful moving dance movements. The original dull religious singing was replaced by passionate chanting, and it became an important recreational activity for t he government and the people.

The scenes of Nuo Opera are recorded in New Tang Book · Ritual Music. Some young people aged over 12 and under 16 must wear masks, wear special clothes, and take twenty-four people as one. A group of six people is arranged in a row. It is chaired by a person called Fang Xiangshi, and a singing handsome is responsible for the lead singer. There are dozens of people who are responsible for drumming in groups of ten. Taebing, Wizard and others are responsible for driving the ghost out. The scene of the whole process is very magnificent, reflecting the importance people attach to the Spring Festival and the peak state of the development of social civilization.

In addition to the Nuo opera, another important custom of the Spring Festival in the Tang Dynasty is the vigil, which has been passed down to this day. According to historical records, when the palace vigil in the Tang Dynasty, the sandalwood bonfire was to be burned all night, and the emperor usually set up a banquet to invite the relatives of the imperial family and the officials of the central government to participate. Li Shangyin wrote in a poem entitled Shougong Sui Gong Sui: Agarwood decoction is made as a court cup, and Yuye Qiongjiang is used as a life cup. When you look at the disc, it is suspected to be a month, and when you hear it, you are thrilled. Although the Sui Dynasty was written, The same was true in the Tang Dynasty. The scene of the rising of the song and dance in the palace when Shou Sui reflects the situation of the Tang Dynasty.

In ordinary people s homes, obedience is also an important activity. On New Year s Eve, family reunions, sing and laugh, welcome the Chinese New Year, the poetry culture of the Tang Dynasty flourished, and the records in the poetry provided us with many historical materials that reflect the society of the Tang Dynasty. The poem writes that Shou Sui s family should stay at the end , reflecting the custom of keeping the year of the common people. At midnight, people have to set off firecrackers to get rid of evil spirits. In addition, Chu Guangxi s Shou Qin Zhong Shou : Kai Men keeps the first night, and the fire is in the early morning. It depicts that people were lighting candles at home on New Year s Eve Customs of fire. In addition, customs such as Limen God, Spring Festival couplet, New Year s money, and Chinese New Year paintings are also important customs of the Spring Festival of the Tang Dynasty and continue to this day. However, customs such as Chaozheng have disappeared in to the long river of history because of the demise of feudal society.

For those who have been passed down for thousands of years and have never lost their salvation, I have the unique Chinese civilization. Many of the Spring Festival customs in the Tang Dynasty have continued to the present. For example, posting the door god, posting the Spring Festival couplet, and observing the old age, etc., reflect the long history of Chinese culture. As mentioned earlier, customs are a mirror of society and reflect the development of civilization. The social and political stability, economic prosperity, and cultural prosperity of the Tang Dynasty are second to none in the world. Its Spring Festival customs are rich and colorful, with both religious and entertainment folk customs, and the former is becoming weaker, reflecting that social progress has made worship in customs The religious color of ghosts and gods has gradually faded, and this is more obvious in the later Song Dynasty civilization. In advocating the rejuvenation of national culture, the spirit of the C hinese civilization reflected in the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty is worthy of our learning, and it also reflects our expectations for the future.

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