Spring Festival Features

The pressure on intercity traffic has increased sharply, and there has been no significant change in urban and international traffic. The traffic pressure is mainly concentrated on land transportation, and aviation also has some pressures. However, due to price and other factors, the pressure increase is limited. River and sea transportation are extremely limited due to the reach and safety. The traffic pressure of Hunchun Transport has obvious timeliness and directionality.

Generally, the pressure before the Spring Festival is mainly concentrated on the route from the more developed areas to the less developed areas and from the surrounding cities to tourist attractions. The New Year s Eve, the first day of the first month, and the second day of the first two days of the Spring Festival are less stressful. After the Spring Festival, transportation pressure shifted to the route from economically underdeveloped areas to economically developed areas from tourist attractions to surrounding cities.

The areas under heavy transportation pressure during the Spring Festival are different around the Spring Festival. Before the Spring Festival, there were regions with more manpower input, and after the Spring Festival, there were regions with more manpower output. The more stressed areas also include more important transportation hubs. In general, the stress before the festival is in Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai and other places along the east coast, and the stress after the festival is in places like Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Nanchang, Fuyang in the inland and west. Among them, railway stations with obvious problems in public order include hub stations such as Beijing Station, Guangzhou Station, Shanghai Station, and Hankou Station.

During the Spring Festival, the railway will continue to adhere to the principle of customer-oriented, passenger-cargo win-win situation, south-to-north railway transfer, south passenger-to-north freight, flow-driven and no- flow stoppage principles. While grasping passenger transportation, the time difference, Regional differences, start the South-to-North Vehicle Diversion work in advance, coordinate and take good care of cargo transportation, focus on taking good care of cargo transportation in areas with relatively abundant supplies, optimize transportation capacity allocation, and ensure that coal, food, oil and other key materials, festival materials and supplies to Hong Kong On the basis of transportation, it is necessary to strengthen the marketing organization in a targeted manner in areas, routes and time periods with relatively loose capacity, actively explore transportation potential, and actively organize drainage online. During the Spring Festival, the Ministry of Rail ways implemented a special operation plan and added a large number of temporary passenger cars. The Spring Festival Transport deals with normal passenger flow, peak passenger flow, and sudden passenger flow respectively.

According to the analysis of previous years spring transport data, the 15th, 16th, and 17th are the peak periods of the 2015 Spring Festival passenger flow. Most of the passengers will be on long-distance trips on the 15th. Ordinary trains will be the main mode of travel. On the 16th, passengers will begin to travel on short-to-medium trips. The number of long-distance passengers will decrease sharply. The modes of travel will be mainly motor vehicles and high-speed rail. The passenger flow will usher in the highest peak.. In addition, there will be a peak passenger flow on the 17th.

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