Tencent fights for foreigners to use China’s mobile payment

In the past two days, a picture of WeChat Pay spread in the payment industry.

Some wonder, some wonder. Doubtful people think, this is not a picture of WeChat payment tied card interface? Nothing special. Those who were amazed understand that WeChat Pay finally supports the credit card binding with international card organizations, which means that Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and foreigners can also make mobile payments in China. China Mobile Payment is constantly going out, and is also doing a good job of “introducing”.

According to Tencent, recently, under the guidance of the Peoples Bank of China, Tencent supports international credit cards and WeChat payments opened overseas, and has supported users to purchase dozens of clothing, food, and accommodation at 12306, including Didi Chuxing, Jingdong, and Ctrip. Merchant consumption.

In addition, Visa China also announced that it will cooperate with Tencent to provide WeChat payment services for international Visa cardholders, which means that overseas Visa cardholders in Mainland China will be able to use their WeChat payments at thousands of merchants that can accept WeChat payments. Visa cards instead of relying on cash.

Now foreigners using WeChat payment in China are very simple. There are four main steps: one is to scan the code; the other is to confirm the amount; the third is to bind the international credit card and pay; the fourth is to complete the payment.

It is understood that it has been difficult for foreigners to use mobile payment in China because of real-name system requirements. One is that they do not have a Chinese mobile phone number, the other is that they do not have a Chinese ID card, and the third is that they do not have a Chinese bank card. Prior to this, only some international friends working in China or Zhanye passed the identity authentication of relevant Chinese authorities, issued valid Chinese documents, and then applied for bank cards to support mobile payments. It is extremely difficult for foreigners who come to China to make mobile payments in China.

As a mobile payment scenario where WeChat Pay has opened up for foreigners, Ctrip co-founder and Chairman of the Executive Board, Liang Jianzhang, has publicly stated that the payment problem in the travel scenario is the latest and greatest pain point at the moment. Foreign tourists cannot conveniently spend money and need to open up mobile payment for foreign cards. This requires the regulators, financial and internet companies to work together to break this bottleneck.

The more convenient domestic mobile payment is, the more inconvenient foreigners cannot use mobile payment in China.

However, WeChat Pay now supports registration with foreign mobile phone numbers and supports international credit card binding, which completely solves the problem that foreigners cannot use mobile payment in China.

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