The emperor made in prison, Ming Yingzong was in the throne

In fact, when it comes to the replacement of the dynasty, it is just a normal phenomenon that changes with the political and economic changes in different eras. However, the replacement of each dynasty has its own problems, and the existence of these problems determines whether this dynasty can flourish. It is not surprising, then, that China has so many dynasties.

However, although the replacement of these dynasties has an irreversible trend, it does not rule out that some dynasties can be restored successfully. Today, we are talking about one of those emperors who succeeded in restoration-Ming Yingzong, the emperor who succeeded in restoration .

During the Ming Yingzong period, the Ming Yingzong was captured by the Vasilites, and he wanted to use it to threaten the Ming Dynasty and obtain more benefits. After the news came to the Daming Dynasty, the situation was turbulent and the ministers panicked. As the so-called country cannot be without a master for one day, coupled with Prince Zhu Jianshen s young age, he does not have enough ability to control the court. Therefore, with the advice of the official Yu Qian, he finally decided to support the new master.

After the Ming Dynasty reigned, he used his own methods and methods to safeguard the interests of the Ming Dynasty and achieved a relative stability in the Ming Dynasty. Under such stable conditions, what should the ministers do? After that, no one mentioned Ming Yingzong again.

On the other side, Watts originally thought that Ming Yingzong could get more benefits, but did not want the Ming Dynasty to choose to support the new master. This move made them immediately stunned, not knowing what to do next. So they figured out how to use force to break into Beijing. However, it is not unreasonable for the Ming Dynasty to choose Zhu Qiyu. His greatest feature is knowing people and making good use of them.

As a result, when the Vathi attacked, Zhu Qiyu sent Yu Qian to take full command. Finally, under the command of Qian, the Ming Dynasty achieved its final victory.

After being unsuccessful, Wu Washi was unwilling. They wanted to use the Ming Yingzong for some travel expenses, but they were still rejected by the Daming Dynasty. The tile thorns are very sad. They originally thought that with the ace of Ming Yingzong they could get at least part of the benefits they wanted, but the plan could never keep up with the changes. Coupled with the fact that Ming Yingzong had to eat and drink in Wasser, this also brought some losses to Wasser.

Eventually, this incident made him completely aware of the attitude of the Ming Dynasty, so they gave up the struggle and returned the Ming Yingzong to the Daming Dynasty. Of course, the Watts were not stupid. They even feared that after the Ming Yingzong was sent back like this, the Ming Zong might kill the Ming Yingzong halfway. Therefore, they specifically found 1,000 warrior warriors, and together with Ming Yingzong, safely returned them to the Daming Dynasty.

After Ming Mingzong came back, the Ming Dynasty had stabilized the regime, and coupled with the fact that he had just sat in this tempting position, how could he step down?

Therefore, the Ming Dynasty Zong could only put Ming Yingzong under house arrest in the Nangong, and sent heavy soldiers to guard it. During the period of Ming Yingzong s house arrest, the Ming Zong even ordered no one to approach him, and cut down all the trees near Nangong, and the food that was given to him every day was passed through a small hole. Lost opportunity to escape.

However, it is a pity that Zhu Jianji died shortly after being sealed up. Therefore, the crown prince became the urgent need of the Ming Dynasty. Although some ministers proposed that Zhu Jianshen continue to be the prince, the Ming Dynasty Zong did not say anything.

Against this background, and many previous officials were dissatisfied with the Ming dynasty, the ministers decided to hold a political vote in favor of Zhu Jianshen as the prince. However, this incident was not possible because the Ming dynasty was sick. That s it .

In the eighth year of Jing Jingtai (1457), on the 17th day of the first month, the ministers assembled their troops and marched toward Chang an. And the eunuchs waiting there pretended to preach the imperial decree and tricked the defending generals to open the gates so that the ministers could enter the palace smoothly.

After the ministers entered the palace, the first thing they did was to save Ming Yingzong, and quickly raised Zhu Qizhen to the throne of Fengtian Temple. The warriors on the palace waved gourds to beat Xu Youzhen and others, and were stopped by Zhu Qizhen . Xu Youzhen and others worshiped together and shouted Long live. At that time, Shi Heng sounded the bell and drums and summoned the ministers.

He Mingying was called out in his sleep and re-entered the throne, which made him unbelievable, and he took the throne again. Ming Yingzong was very happy, so he helped the ministers who helped themselves one by one. For example, eunuch Cao Jixiang was named the largest position among eunuchs-Secretary Li Jian was the eunuch and Wu Qing was waiting for Shi Heng. Named Zhonggong Gong.

1. These ministers tried to do it with the attitude of trying, but they were crooked and headed for the right path, so that they would fly to the top, and feel comfortable!

And Ming Yingzong was even more comfortable. He didn t even make any response, and restored without success. However, his behavior of ascending to the throne with the help of others is simply ridiculous. After all, compared with those emperors who fought by themselves and ascended to the throne, Ming Yingzong s approach is just a cheap way to pick others up!

Also, when Zhu Qizhen regained the throne, Zhu Qiyu was grooming in the Xi an Pavilion of the Qing Palace, preparing to go to the dynasty, and suddenly heard that he hit the bell and drums in front of him, and immediately asked: Is it true that Yu Qian could not succeed? Treason is usurped. Left and right in shock, I don t know how to answer.

After a short while, the eunuch Xing an played back and said that the emperor was reset, Zhu Qiyulian said, Okay, okay, okay. Then he took a few breaths, returned to bed, and fell asleep facing the wall.

On the same day, Zhu Qizhen passed an order to arrest Shang Shu Yu Qian and Li Bu Shang Shu Wang Wen. After that, none of the people who previously supported the Ming Dynasty replaced him well, and Yu Qian was even executed by Ling Chi .

Therefore, the restored emperor in history has to let us talk about it. Zhu Qiyu succeeded to the throne, originally for the time of expediency, and only based on his family, Zhu Qiyu acted as a fear of his brother and Zhu Qizhen feared his brother s life. Therefore, Ming Shi commented: The battle for the throne of the Ming Dynasty was very meaningless, and it was also the way to win the door.

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