The Four Great Inventions of Ancient China: What Are the Four Great Inventions of China

Four Great Inventions of Ancient China: Compass, Papermaking, Gunpowder, Printing

The Invented Dynasty: Tang Dynasty

Inventor: Chinese working people

Type printing: Bi Sheng

Printing originated from the Tang Dynasty and was invented by the working people of ancient times. It was used in the middle and late period of the Tang Dynasty. When the printing technology was not invented, the ancients copied the books by hand, which was easy to make mistakes or mistakes. Later, humans summed up their experience and thought of the method of inking on the stone monument with paper to form the engraving method. Later, Bi Sheng of the Song Dynasty invented movable type printing, which is much easier than than the engraving. You only need to prepare the movable type in advance, and puzzle at any time to speed up the production time. Printing is divided into five categories: letterpress, stencil, soft, lithographic, and gravure. This great invention has made great contributions to the development of human society and culture.

Inventor: Ancient alchemist family

Classification: ignition powder, propellant, solid propellant

Gunpowder is also called black gunpowder. According to historical records, it originated in the Spring and Autumn Period. It is a burning agent that emits sparks and flames. Under the action of external energy, it will burn quickly and generate a large amount of gas . It is a component of ammunition. Nowadays, the guns, rockets, and artillery shells we see in the military are made of gunpowder. This gunpowder is very destructive and will make loud noises. It was mainly used to defend the enemy in ancient wars. . This is ancient China. The most outstanding achievement of the four inventions.

Invention time: about the Western Han Dynasty

Improved period: Eastern Han Dynasty

Inventor: Cai Lun improvement

Papermaking originated in the Western Han Dynasty, and was later improved by Cai Lun. It is a crystallization of wisdom accumulated from long-term human experience through dehydration, compression, and drying of bark, silk velvet, hemp, and linden cloth. It was used for painting and writing. China was the earliest country to invent papermaking. It was later spread to Vietnam, Japan, India and other countries and played a key role in the development and progress of the world. Nowadays, the development of science and technology . Papermaking has mechanized paper mainly made of wood, chemical and semi-chemical pulp.

Birthplace: Magnetic Mountain of the Warring States Period

Achievements: Compass, Magnetic Needle, Sinan

Compass is also called Sinan in ancient times. It is mainly composed of a magnetic needle. It can rotate freely at a magnetic field. The direction is determined based on the tangent direction of the meridian and the north pole of the magnetic needle. Modern times are most commonly used for navigation and travel. It is the experience summarized by ancient people in long-term practice to understand the magnetic characteristics of magnets. In ancient times, it was used in sacrifices, military affairs, and divination to determine orientation. Inventions have promoted human progress and the development of civilization, and have greatly promoted navigation and maritime trade.

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