The Summer Palace will also grow

In fact, not all the buildings have become shorter after the Summer Palace was rebuilt, and some of them have increased. The Deheyuan Grand Theatre is one of them. The Grand Theatre in the Summer Palace was originally a courtyard in the courtyard of the Qingyi Garden. But at that time, Le Shou Tang was Ci Xi s palace. Ci Xi likes to watch dramas. Therefore, a big theater was built not far from Le Shou Tang. This house was originally a one-story house and became a three-story big theater. This one is covered in height, from one floor to three floors.

In addition, this fence of the Summer Palace was also raised by Cixi. Why did you raise the wall? The original wall was built in the 14th year of Guangxu, when the wall was relatively low. By 1905, the Qing government had issued a preliminary constitution. However, the revolutionaries at the time believed that if the Qing dynasty initiated constitutional preparations, this would be detrimental to the revolution. At that time, the Qing dynasty would send five ministers, led by Zaize, including Dai Hongci, Xu Shichang , and Shaoying, who would go abroad for constitutional inspections. There was a revolutionary named Wu Yan. On that day, at the old Beijing station, he had a suicide bomber. He died by himself, and Zaize and Dai Hongci were both injured. After this incident, the Qing government decided to increase the wall of the Summer Palace by three feet. So now you look at some walls of the Summer Palace, it is two floors, two sections, in addition to some of the walls can not be seen be cause they collapsed and then rebuilt, other walls left during the Guangxu years, you can also see it increased this part.

After the Wu Mi incident, the Revolutionary Party has always assassinated Cixi as its ultimate goal, and many buildings in Qingyi Garden are actually built to appreciate the scenery in the distance. Everywhere. The original foundation and wall of this Yuanyuanzhai are flat. What is this place for? This is used by Empress Dowager Cixi to see the temple fair. After the temple fair of Miaofeng Mountain was held that year, the procession of the temple fair had to pass by, and she was looking at Yuanzhai to see the crowd s entertainment activities and the situation of the procession. Therefore, buildings such as Yanyuanzhai are relatively close to the wall. If the wall is too short, it is easy to expose Cixi s whereabouts. At that time, there were already some grenades and other easy-to-throw weapons. Throwing inward across the low wall still had a high success factor, so the wall had to be elevated. This would ensure the Queen Mother s safety and reduce her. Risk factor for assassinatio n. It should be said that this project is actually not small. Basically, the elevation has been raised from the north wall to the east wall.

I have made a large circle in the Summer Palace. I have to ask you, what is the most famous building in the Summer Palace? You will definitely say Foxiang Pavilion. That s right, if you want to say that the most famous and legendary of the Summer Palace is Foxiang Pavilion. When the emperor Qianlong renovated the Qingyi Garden, this Buddha incense pavilion was originally modeled after the Sixth Pagoda in Hangzhou and designed according to the nine-level floating slaughterhouse, which is the ninth floor. Unexpectedly, the tower collapsed when it reached the eighth floor. At the same time, a fire broke out at the glazed tower site in Beihai. Qian Qianlong believed that this was a warning to heaven, so he changed the design and became three stories. But to say that the most bizarre thing about Foxiangge, it must be said that it was a spiritual event that occurred after the founding of the country …

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