The three Cao Cao left to future generations are life-threatening.

The character of Cao Cao was very complicated. He was a gangster who was self-conscious and moody. On the one hand, he was a broad-minded and capable hero. For more than a thousand years, people have never stopped arguing about Cao Cao. He thought that Cao Cao was cold-blooded and ruthless. All he knew was killing, killing Lu Boshe, and killing Xu You. There was almost nothing to end for all his benefactors. However, those who admire Cao Cao also believe that Cao Cao can capture the world s talents and have a broad mind. He is really a good leader. So what can we learn from Cao Cao? There are three experiences that must be learned, and one less is not enough to be a major event.

One of the smartest things Cao Cao did in his life was to let go of Guan Yu. Liu Bei was defeated by Cao Cao and turned to Yuan Shao. Guan Yu surrendered to Cao Cao without knowing it. Later, Guan Yu learned that his elder brother was in Yuan Shao. At that time, he passed the five passes and six rendezvous with his elder brother. However, Cao Cao did not investigate Guan Yu s private leave, but instead admired Guan Yu s devotion, which made Guan Yu very grateful. Later, Cao Cao was beaten in the battle of Red Cliff. The defeat was almost a loss of life. Fortunately, Guan Yu gave up Cao Cao s horse, otherwise Cao Cao would have been cut off. So the revelation that this incident gives us is that we must leave room for ourselves. For those who are kind-hearted and respectful of morality, dont care too much about even sinning themselves, and for those wicked treacherous villains, we must cut off the roots , Never suffer later.

Although Cao Cao was portrayed by the novel as an adulterer, his army had strict discipline and strong combat effectiveness. Before Cao Cao had sent his troops, he had strictly prohibited the army from trampled on the wheat seedlings of the people, and the offenders were beheaded. However, his horses on the march were frightened and broke the rules first. In order to maintain military discipline, Cao Cao had to pull himself out of his sword. After being discouraged by everyone, he cut off a strand of his hair as a warning. Although there was no actual suicide, this behavior has shocked all the generals. This has inspired us. If leaders really want to put the system into effect, they must lead by example. They cant say one thing and do another. What they are saying is: they are right, they dont do what they do, they dont, they dont do it.

After reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, one of the biggest questions is why Cao Cao is not the emperor. In fact, Cao Cao is fully capable and capable of being the emperor. However, Cao Cao always describes himself as Zhou Gong and is only willing to be a politician. As a usurper, in fact Cao Cao s choice is very wise. He can learn from Dong Zhuo and Yuan Shu s lessons from the past and seek only the real and not the vanity., Laozi beat the world, and gave the power to sit on the son, Cao Cao is not without ambition, but able to strictly control his desires, which is very valuable. Once Cao Cao is anxious to become the emperor, then it will inevitably cause the world to hate, This is exactly the result that Cao Cao did not want to see.

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