Ugly girl Chunli Chun strikes back and becomes King Qi, ugly is also good

Zhong Lichun s story first appeared in Biography of the Martyr and Heng Lian by Wang Chong of the Eastern Han Dynasty. She was born in Wuyanyi, so she was called a girl without salt. Later, she was given the name Zhong Wuyan). What does she look like? Mortar, deep eyes, strong, large section, nose up, throat, fat, less hair, lower back, chest, and skin. Translated into modern language is: forehead protruding His eyes were sunken, his nostrils turned upwards, his head was thin, and his neck and throat were larger than those of men. He was still a loin, his chest was huge, and his skin was black and red.

During King Qiwei s reign, Qi State twice hit Wei State and ruled the Quartet with Qin State. Later King Qi Xuan succeeded to the throne and was more dedicated. King Qi Xuan loved the nobles very much, and gathered many celebrities in the world around him, such as Chun Yuzhang, Tian Zhe, Xing, Shen Dao, and Huan Yuan, all ranked as the first doctor. King Qi Xuan also learns and asks questions. He loves to hear these celebrities discuss his academic and political ideas. The Mencius records many questions and answers about King Xuan and Mencius, which shows that King Qi Xuan is a very active person.

But when Qi country gradually became stronger, King Qi Xuan slacked off, no longer fascinated by the expansion of national power, but eager to enjoy, overhaul civil engineering in the country, and build a snow palace for fun. Not only that, Qi Xuanwang also used villain villains to listen to these people bragging about their achievements all day to satisfy their vanity. The people of the country are not valued by the monarch, and the development of Qi country has shown a retrogressive phenomenon.

The very talented Zhong Lichun is very anxious, but she is just a woman, or an extremely ugly woman. How can I see Qi Xuanwang and persuade me? I want to go and think of it. The most direct way to find King Qi Xuan . She stood at the gate of the royal palace, asked the gate guards to help spread a word, and said that she asked to see King Qi Xuan.

First She explained her situation. It was almost forty, but she still didnt marry, because she was too ugly. She hoped that King Xuan Xuan would accept herself and be a cleaning maid in the palace, or be King Xuan s wife. After listening to the big words, the gate guards couldn t help laughing, so they sent a false accusation to King Qi Xuan. At that time, King Xuan Xuan was setting up a feast, and after hearing the reports from the people below, he wondered what kind of woman he was.

Seeing Zhong Lichun s peculiar appearance, King Xuan Xuan was taken aback and asked Zhong Lichun that she was an ordinary woman. How could she want to stay in the palace? Zhong Lichun said that he could whisper, so he stepped on the platform in front of everyone, knees with his hands, and said abruptly: Danger, danger! Qi Xuanwang listened to her belly and asked What she meant, she said to the King Xuan: Now the country is in a very critical situation. There are powerful Qin and Chu states outside. King Qi is slow to stand up for his prince and uneasy. This is a harm. The Snow Palace is only for pleasure, but the people suffer because of it. This is a harm; the wise men of Qi Guo are no longer in the court hall, but the traitors occupy the court hall. King Qi cannot hear the words of faith, which is a harm. King Qi only knows fun all day, he doesnt care about state affairs , and his administration is deserted. This is a harm. If these four evils are linked together, Qi country is very dangerous! ”

After listening to Qi Qi Xuan Wang s cold sweats, he did not expect such a ugly woman, but he said so many truths. So Qi Xuanwang sighed: Wow! Girl, these words are heard today! Qi Xuanwang who came to his senses, according to Zhong Lichun, underwent thorough remediation in Qi State, and Qi State gradually changed again. Be orderly and powerful. The history said: The rule of the Qi Kingdom, the ugly girl s merit, too. Zhong Lichun later wished to be the Queen of Qi.

Qi Zhonglichun didn t have a long life. He died shortly after. In the Warring States Policy , it is recorded that Qi Xuanwang s wife died, and seven concubines were beloved by King Qi. Xue Gongtian wanted to find out which beauty would be made the queen, so he presented seven pairs of jade earrings, one of which was specially processed to make it the most beautiful. The next day, when he saw who was wearing the most exquisite earrings, he persuaded Qi Wang Lizhi to take the post.

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