Value of summer resort and surrounding temples

The summer resort and surrounding temples, with their outstanding universal value, constitute an important part of world cultural heritage. The reasons are as follows:

1. The summer resort was a garden-style palace of the Qing Dynasty in China, which has rich social, political, and historical significance. The summer resort is a summer palace built by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty in China to achieve the purpose of soothing and uniting the frontier minorities in China and consolidating the country s unification. After the construction of the summer resort, the Qing emperor spent a lot of time here every year dealing with military and political affairs, receiving foreign envoys and leaders of the frontier minority religions and politics, making it the second political center of the Qing Dynasty in China. A series of important events, important relics, and important cultural relics here have become the last historical witness of China s multi-ethnic unified country.

2. The summer resort and surrounding temples are a typical example of the perfect fusion of ancient Chinese imperial palace gardens and royal temples. The summer resort and surrounding temples originated from the last prosperous period of the feudal society in China, the Kanggan Prosperous Age. Built by manpower and material resources. It is the crystallization of the experience of emperor Fan Li and the construction of the royal temple. It has become a model in the emperor s palace system in the two major garden systems in China. The construction of the garden realizes the perfect combination of the palace and court form and the high degree of unification of the functions of reaching the government and recreational entertainment. Temple architecture has a distinct political function.

3. The summer resort and surrounding temples mark the great achievements of ancient Chinese gardening and architecture. The summer resort and surrounding temples are the largest group of ancient emperors Fan Li and royal temples in China. It is a collection of ancient Chinese gardening art and architectural art . It is a creative masterpiece. In gardening, it inherits and develops the traditional Chinese gardening thought of “taking human beauty into nature, conforming to nature and surpassing nature”. It summarizes and creatively uses various gardening materials and gardening techniques to make It has become an outstanding representative of natural landscape gardens and architectural landscaping. In architecture, it inherits, develops, and creatively uses a variety of architectural techniques to extract the essence of famous temples in the north and south of China. It imitates creativity and expresses the architectural theme of moving heaven and earth in the arms of the king. In the specific construction of gardens and temples, individual and group buildings, the summer resort and surrounding temples have realized the integration of ancient North-South gardening and architectural art in China. Demonstrated the superb skills of ancient Chinese wooden frame structure, and realized the perfect combination of wooden frame structure and masonry structure, Chinese-style building form and minority building form. In addition, the use of ancient Chinese superb skills, such as architectural decoration and Buddhist statues, constitutes a spectacle in the history of ancient Chinese architecture.

4. The summer resort and surrounding temples are physical materials for the world to understand Chinese culture. Whether the summer resort and surrounding temples are gardens or buildings, they are not just the simple use of materials and techniques, but also the connotation of many aspects of Chinese classical philosophy, aesthetics, and literature, making it a traditional Chinese culture Miniature.

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